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Does this look like a scam? (ebay)

Discussion in 'Buying Tips, Advice and Discussion (archive)' started by d-fi, Feb 24, 2004.

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    i have been looking at this auction on ebay and it seems like a good deal.


    But it seems a little too good, it doesn't have the reek of a scam that most ebay scam auctions have. It looks like the guy is just new to ebay; only has one transaction (some 20$ item).

    BUT maybe thats what he WANTS me to think:confused:! makes my brain hurt thinking about the conspiracies that are possible here.

    So after much thought and consideration i've decided that even if he is legit i don't think i can gamble my HARD earned student dollar on the chance of a good deal.

    But i am interested in what other people think:)
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    It doesn't look like a scam, but it looks like the seller is happy. Not at all a good deal. $1600 for an 12" iBook + AP BS + mouse?

    You should be able to get a Powerbook with that stuff for that much (EDU). iBook 800 at the Apple Store for $1099, retail.
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    After reading your post i decided to build the same setup at the appoximate New Zealand Education prices to find out what it would cost me.

    (btw if you live in New Zealand and you want to find out Education pricing without e-mailing. Just use the Austrailian apple education site, build computer, convert currency, add 12.5% GST and that price will correct for New Zealand give or take about 5% more likely give :))

    First off your right it's not a great deal if you live in the states, but if i were to buy everything he has listed there new it would cost me US$ 2258.25 at education pricing.

    So $1600 does start to look good when you live overseas. But assuming that shipping would be around $200 add to that a chance that customs might decide to add another 10 to 15% depending if i'm lucky or unlucky. hmm methinks that it might not be such a good deal after all.

    I think i might just keep looking, also i might start thinking before i post :D
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    not a scam, and not a great deal either.
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    Ah, well, I didn't pay attention to the NZ tag. Sorry, how very American of me. ;)

    I'd never buy anything internationally from eBay, but that's not me. I've bought computers from eBay before, but I never will again --- never been burned, but I did find out that the guy I bought an iBook from a couple years ago ripped off others.
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    Re: Kiwi

    How did you find that out?
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    Over at AppleInsider we were talking about scams and his name came up. Just some note-comparing going on.

    I just remembered that I bought my wife's current iBook from a guy on eBay. I checked him out (cursory identity check to make sure his email address(es) weren't pseudonyms, etc), and gave him a call, so it turned out OK.
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    Nice. It's amazing how small the world is (and smaller mac community). Good note to say "buyer beware" and check out everything. Thanks for the info.

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