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Does this look like Steve to you?

Discussion in 'Design and Graphics' started by macdon401, Sep 25, 2006.

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    I was just doing a rough in Painter and a friend said it looks like Steve Jobs,
    what do you think???

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  2. Administrator/Editor


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    Not at all.
  3. Demi-God (Moderator emeritus)


    What has your friend been smoking? :confused:
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    Second that.
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    Uh, that is quite freaky. But there are touches of Steve Job in there.

    Actually I'd say its 80% rat, 19.9% generic male, .1% Jobs.
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    I see a slight resemblance.
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    Looks like if Steve and Jean Reno had a love child.
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    I wouldn't think it was a portrait of Steve, but I see a definite resemblance.
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    Top of the head: Yes.
    Bottom of the chin: Yes.

    Everything in between? Na heeellll noo....
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    Couldn't say it better, Chundles!

  11. ATD
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    Nice painting... not Steve.

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    yeah it looks really nice and kinda resembles steve.

    lol :D :)
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    That's how Steve will look when Vista goes live :D
  14. SBT
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    The top half of his face...maybe, but the bottom (mouth and big cheeks/chin) NO WAY:p...maybe the bristly beard:rolleyes: :D

    Can you see any resemblence?....


    Actually, its nearly the same person (apart from the other guy having yellow eyes:p)
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    That picture's going to give me nightmares:D

    That looks NOTHING like Steve Jobs:rolleyes:
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    Hey...Tim...thanks for the support...i think...the morph tells all...did you see my other "Steve"...the "Older" as in not the Younger..LOL!
    Here he is...I think it looks like Steve in a couple more years!

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    I see some resemblance, although I don't think I would have caught it if you didn't point it out. Bottom mid-half of the face is off, and the face shape is the wrong way.
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    Hey look, its Hulk Hogen! I guess that Just for Men stuff works well.
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    On crack.

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