Does this section serve any purpose anymore?

Discussion in 'MacRumors Old Skool' started by vniow, Jul 3, 2003.

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    Just something that popped into my head awhile ago, been meaning to post it for awhile...

    There are only 10 (now 11) threads here after 6 months after being formed and the last post was almost a month ago, does this section serve any purpose anymore?
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    old skool is alll in the mind man

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    It still has it's purpose, it's just not as popular as the other forums.

    Why? Do U wanna be old school?? ;)
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    Ha, not really, even though I do have a lot of posts in this forum...

    It just seems like this section is essentially useless since hardly anybody bothers to read it much les post in it, even Switch Stories, Mac Scene and User Projects get more action than this section...

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    Fine, you go and post some old skool threads and we can do it!
  6. job
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    the problem is, it's hard to start any worthwhile threads that have some small connection with anything 'old skool' and still remain on topic after 10 posts.

    i'm surprised that this forum hasn't been an all out spam forum for most of the users here. what is 'old skool' anyways? are there any specific topics that we can really discuss?

    i tried to start the quiz, but it didn't really seem to take off. that was probably the last thing you could do with the old skool forum.
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    Re: Does this section serve any purpose anymore?

    Everything has it's purpose, even you.
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    no purpose is served by this forum... there are too many forums as it is.

    anyway, I've got a few more years till I'm "old skool"
    I only been going to MacRumors for about a year an da half now... not the forums thought... no sir.

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