Does trading macbook alu for old 11" air make sense?

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by tomaseriksson, Jul 24, 2011.

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    I got offered to trade my macbook aluminum (late 2008) 2.0GHz, 6GB RAM, 160GB for a macbook air 11" (late 2010) 1.4GHz, 2GB RAM 64GB.

    I have ordered a 2011 13" air for myself and will be giving my current macbook to my girlfriend. Im wondering if it makes sense to trade it for a air for her. My girlfriend will start working abroad every other week this fall so a light computer would definitely be nice. She only surfs the web so I think the 1.4GHz core2duo will be sufficient but what are your thoughts? Does the trade make sense?

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    if all she does is only surfing the web, yeah for sure exchange it with the 11" air.

    nobody knows what will happen with your 3 years old
    mbp, maybe the logicboard or something else will soon fail.

    go exchange it :D
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    I think I'd ask HER before you make any decision.
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    An excellent suggestion. Seriously though, that sort of exchange makes sense only if the potential user values portability over everything else. Given that your GF will be working abroad she will probably vale the uber-portability of the MBA, but it makes sense to ask what she thinks she may need, or want, in a computer before effecting this exchange.

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    Thank you. It comes from age and experience.

    I was in line with a bunch of attorneys in a courtroom beside the judge's bench waiting to present documents for his signature. The topic of muted conversation was the local murder trial of a pharmacist who shot a armed robber (dumb kid with a handgun) to death in his store.

    The younger guys were full of swagger and machismo on the topic of an armed robber or burglar in their homes.

    I finally spoke up after listening to them and said, "Any man who has ever been through a divorce will question the wisdom of having an easily accessible firearm in their home."

    The other oldsters nodded their agreement in unison.
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    It's a good trade. That would be reason enough for me.
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    Thx for your replies guys. I have of course asked her and she loves how the MacBook air looks but she is afraid it is dog slow because of the CPU and less ram. She fears that it will struggle with YouTube clips like here old celeron pc-laptop does. So I think she will love it. I'll call the guy and see I'f we can make the deal.
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    I certainly wouldn't do it. Going from 6Gb ram to 2Gb? That just doesn't make sense to me. 2Gb is pretty weak sauce especially with Lion in its current state, memory gets eaten up quite fast if you use Safari.

    I think that AluBook will be worth quite a lot on eBay in the future too, they are quite rare now aren't they?
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    Wow, I actually DO have a Collector's Edition? Huh. Of course, the 2.4ghz is now OFFICIALLY the only Macbook EVER to have a backlit keyboard.
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    Even if it is rare, a few months of my girlfriend usage it will probably be beat to hell. 2GB ram vs 6GB, for me personally that is a issue but my girlfriend only use the browser.

    Story short, I made the trade. Typing from the 11" air now and I like it, feels faster then I thought it would. However, can't wait for my 13" i5.
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    I'm surprised anyone would make that trade honestly. The 2010 air is worth quite a bit more.

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