Does Vista work?

Discussion in 'Windows, Linux & Others on the Mac' started by jamesmcd, Apr 6, 2006.

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    Sorry if this has been talked about somewhere else, but there are just so many posts about this. :cool:

    So yeah, does the latest Beta of Vista work? I am guessing there will be driver issues etc. but I am curious.

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    Oh really? How does it run? Do the video drivers work?

    Also, is that running in VMware or natively?
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    All I know is what I read on Cult of Mac (Wired):

    There was some debate a few weeks ago whether Intel Macs would boot Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, Vista, because of conflicting boot-up systems. While the Intel Macs use EFI, a new boot system from Intel, initial versions of Windows Vista will use the old BIOS system.

    Well, in the comments to the blog post below, reader RLPM posted a link to a Flickr photoset showing his MacBook Pro booting off a Vista disk image, thanks to Apple’s new Boot Camp software.

    RLPM says he didn’t try a full install because he hasn’t backed up his MacBook, and presumably doesn’t want a disk error to wipe everything out.

    He writes: “After installing the firmware update and boot camp (didn’t run boot camp assistant), it booted off the most recent Vista. I haven’t had time to backup my system, so I didn’t install vista, but it boots from the latest image!”

    So I guess Apple’s Boot Camp software makes the whole BIOS/EFI firmware issue moot?
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    Problem is the drivers apple has made/supplied wont work in Vista.
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    Right. But I have to assume when Vista actually ships, apple will release Vista Boot Camp.
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    Which is an interesting point because Apple has kind of committed themselves to provide Vista support. Obviously, not "official" support but I think customers' expectations are going to be that Apple continue to ensure that Boot Camp works with future Microsoft products. They'll have to do it to maintain good will with their customers.
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    Vista was the first thing I tried. The install part gets all the way through, but when the OS tries to boot you get an error about boot.ini and the kernel or some-such. at that point i just went with XP pro

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