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Does your iPhone battery last you through the day?

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Abazigal, Nov 10, 2012.

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    For me, my 4s' battery seems to be draining faster these days.

    While it is true that I am starting to make fuller use of more power-draining features (basically just push email), I am dismayed that the battery cannot seem to sustain usage of features which I deem expected and necessary in today's interconnected world.

    I have turned off location services, and even on light usage (mild surfing, app usage here and there), my phone is usually down to ~20-30% by the time I reach home. I don't even use it to listen to music or stream youtube.

    So if I am out for some meeting, my phone may not even reach home switched on. I cannot imagine what will happen were I to start adopting the pebble watch next year (connects via bluetooth, resulting in further battery drain).

    What about you people? :confused:
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    My iPhone 5 lasts me more then a day, though I do plug it in at night
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    My bought on the first day iPhone 4 still lasts me through the day. :)
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    My iPhone 5 runs throughout the day checking emails, streaming radio in the morning, Facebook, etc...l when I get home I have 3/4 of the battery left
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    My iPhone5 lasts longer than a day even when I have the gps on for over an hour on my runs. I'm pretty impressed so far.
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    My iPhone 5, like the iPhone 4 before it lasts all day very easily - I plug it in at night, but it'd probably last the best part of two days before going flat.

    I have both wifi and bluetooth switched on.
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    My iPhone 5 almost always lasts a day and a half, unless I'm in a bad reception area. In my normal locations, it's near impossible for me to kill it in a day.
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    Not even close, I'm out by 4,5pm., radio streaming, ipod music, email etc.
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    All the iPhones I've had since 2007 last me through the day.
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    My year old 4S gets 2+ days. If I'm streaming music or using it extra hard, I get about a day or more.
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    The day with one exception.
    Streaming music via cellular AND rebroadcast to car Audio via Bluetooth.

    Fixed that issue by buying a car adapter to charge battery.
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    That's essentially my experience with my 4S as well.
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    I typically go 2 days, but usage is not that high.
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    Dino F

    I really don't understand when people say that their iPhones won't even last a day??? I can make my iPhone 5 ( and also did the same with my iPhone 4) last well over 3 to 4 days between charges if I'm not constantly on it.

    I do turn it off at night though but generally, my iPhone lasts well over a day.........
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    My iPhone is dependable for more one day plus
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    Big Stevie

    My iPhone5 battery has vastly improved after..

    Switching off automatic mail (or whatever its called?). I just open up mail to receive any new mail.

    Location services turned off, except for findmyiphone.

    Wifi off, just switch it on when needed.

    Im still having to put it on charge every night though.
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    Usually lasts me a whole day easily. I get home and I'm always around 20-30 percent if I use the phone relatively heavily!
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    Restore as new. If problem persists take it back.
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    Hmmmm, wonder what's wrong with my 5 then. I am lucky to make it 9 hours before it hits 10% and I do no streaming of any kind. I do emails, texts, browsing and some calls. Battery sucks compared to my Galaxy S3
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    I end the day with 10-20%
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    9 hours of use or standby? If 9 hours of use, I'd be thrilled.
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    For iPhone 5 users, did you notice improved battery life after the 6.0.1 update?
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    Mine totally DOES NOT!!! Also now despite numerous charger changes I am having trouble with the charger not keeping a connection! Even at night when the phone isn't being touched at all! No problems for almost a year and now I'm totally frustrated!
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    Usually, but it all depends on usage. I tend to use Pandora a lot on the subway where signal is intermittent so that drains it a lot quickly. I also use a lot of location-based apps off and on throughout the day so that impacts it as well.
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    Nope. Out by 5 or 6pm.

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