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Does your Mac ever get up on the wrong side of the bed?

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by SuperChuck, May 29, 2004.

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    I've been using Macs since 1984, and I've always noticed that they seem to have good days and bad days. Some days, they zip through anything you throw at them, and other days, it's like they missed their morning coffee.

    All of my friends use Macs, and we've all talked about this phenomenon. Of course, we call our computers by name and discuss them as if they were people ("Chuck had a long night and he's a little out of it this morning" would be referring to an iMac). Are we wrong? Or does it seem to anyone else out there that your Mac has mood swings and fatigue just like the rest of us?

    I brought this up once in a call to AppleCare. The tech thought I was out of my mind. And, although I'm sure he was right when he said that my computer's occasional sluggish performance was purely technical, I couldn't help but think that a psychologist could say the same about my bad days. Chuck needs an occasional reboot, I need an occasional Prozac. His problem is electrical, mine is chemical. But when it comes down to it, is there really a difference? Or should I increase the Prozac? :rolleyes:
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    I haven't experienced this in any of my Macs. They either perform well consistently or run poorly and/or break often. My 'Books are doing the former right now, although I've certainly seen the latter.
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    I like to act as if my Mac had a personality, but I know that its occasional glitches are due to software problems, which result from flaws in the O.S., flaws in the applications I use, or mistakes I make. Hardware trouble (even the room temperature or dust) can cause Mac misbehavior too.

    Still, it serves a psychological purpose to consider our Macs as friends and partners, not just machines and tools. Since people can be temperamental, we act as if our Macs are too. I think that's fine, except when talking to tech support!
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    hey persephone tends to throw tantrums here and there.


    seriously once in a while performance drops but its due to ram being sucked dry by an app i just quit

    but its nice to think my computer is alive :)
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    I love polishing billy!!!! uhh.... :D
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    I have EXACTLY the same problem! My Mac definitely has bad days and good days, and I can neve tell which it will be... although it is much more likey for my Mac to have a bad day after it's been asleep for a long time (much like a human) like on a Monday after it's been asleep all weekend... Wierd...
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    coffee, lots of coffee
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    Is there a thread alive pertaining to "names for your Mac"? I'm wondering how many mac-users out there treat theirs like a an only-child...

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    I've always through that my macs are unique creatures. As odd as that sounds, they've had good days and bad days like mood swings. As I'm sure there is a technical explanation, I find that it brings me closer to my macs. They do become children in a way. And children have to have names, right? :)

    I have two macs, and I spoil both of them to death.
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    Macs are like dogs - loyal friends who can be counted on when you feel down. Having a bad day? Your Mac will be there for you, ready to let you play with your applications, look at your photos, play your movies, listen to your music, or look for fun on the Internet.

    Here's a simple trick: If you get up on the wrong side of the bed, change your desktop picture to suit your mood. Your Mac will be happy to oblige.
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    Not entirely surprised by this...
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    My Mac wakes me up in the morning with an alarm app, it sings me to sleep at night (with iTunes or streaming radio), it works alongside me at my job (web designer) and it is always ready to help me relax when I'm off. How can you not love something that is always helping you out? Although Chuck is nearing retirement, I wouldn't dream of selling him. It would be like selling a friend. Instead, he'll be enjoying retirement with my Mom in sunny Charleston, SC.

    I think most Mac users have a bond with their computers, and I can't help but wonder if the PC folks feel the same way. I imagine theirs must be more of a passive-aggressive, love-hate kind of relationship. And when it's time to upgrade, they probably don't have second thoughts about kicking their old machines to the curb.
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    Good point, SuperChuck. I conclude that Macs are like dogs (loyal obedient friends) and PCs are like cats, since cats can keep you company, but they are often just cohabitants, not necessarily your buddy, they are more likely to do what THEY want instead of what YOU want, and you're never sure who's the master of whom!
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    lmao this thread is hilarious...but honestly, maybe I am out of my mind too.
    Yeah, I notice that once in a while...like one day my iBook would be happy at school, connecting to wireless networks, SubEthaEdit works like a charm...other days even with multiple reboots it hates my guts and ddoesn't even want to show me the battery icon in the menu bar let alone the AirPort icon, loves to tell me my battery is dying after one hour of use (not a new battery, but it does usually last 3-4 hours or so), and every app I open crashes after five seconds.
    It's not just the Macs either, for me, its even the PCs and the rest of the hardware. Maybe I am insane ;)
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    I consider my Mac a good friend that is always there to please. Yes, just like a dogs, but you don't have to take it outside. For me when my Mac acts up it is usually my fault. :)

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