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Does your smartphone affect your TV purchase?

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by onthecouchagain, Sep 22, 2013.

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    I'm looking to buy a new TV and know very little about it. Does your smartphone influence what TV you get?

    Like, Samsung phones do things with Samsung TVs? I'm most likely looking at a Samsung or LG TV.

    My Bravia just died on me after a few years, so no more Sony for me.
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    Do not let anything affect your tv purchasing decision other than objective performance.

    Go over to AVSForum.com and look through the plasma and lcd sub-forums.
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    I purchased a Samsung 3D LED TV a few years back, but will probably be upgrading to 4K within time. But my smartphone purchases have nothing to do with my TV purchases. I used to control my Samsung with my iPhone all of the time.
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    Good advice, guys.

    I realize I don't know squat about TVs...
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    I just went through this myself. Got a new entertainment center and wanted to upgrade the TV.

    A smart TV was top on my list, so my wife could use it for looking at the kids' Facebook and photo uploads, and my daughter could use it for videos and games.

    I almost bought a Samsung smart TV because (1) it could do things with my smartphone, (2) it was a deal on Amazon, and (3) I liked the idea of perhaps writing an app for it myself.

    However, after reading reviews, it became apparent that the LG smart TV was viewed as easier to use. Unfortunately, it was missing some apps that I wanted for my wife to use.

    In the end, I decided to keep the smart part and the TV separate, so that I could easily upgrade either piece. So I started with a Roku box for the smart part (it has Netflix, Amazon Instant, Facebook and Flickr and a great search facility)... and an inexpensive refurb'd Westinghouse for the TV part. Lot cheaper, too.

    I wish I knew more about XBMC.
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    Interesting stuff.

    I'm also considering the Smart TV route. Samsung is also at the top of my list, but for a much better value, I could go Panasonic or LG and get larger screens! But my understanding is that Samsung's Smart TV-ness is superior, and they have exclusivity on apps like HBO Go. Damn them.

    I'm not sure what to do, to be honest. More research is required.

    I worry about longevity, too. I have no idea why my Sony Bravia crapped out on me and only after a few years of use (I'd say... maybe 4-5 years?). I worry about long term quality between Panasonic, Samsung, and LG. My understanding is LG is the most risky...
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    When deciding on a TV, pick one with a picture that looks best to you, because that is what you'll be staring at from now on. I based mine on which had the best picture to me. Let the Smart stuff be second. They are great and all, but can be supplemented by additional devices like the Apple TV, Chromecast, etc.

    That being said, I have a Samsung Smart 3D TV because I thought the picture was superior to those other TVs around it for the price I could afford. The smart stuff is nice but I barely use it. All my devices connected to it area capable of doing everything the TV can, and for the most part, do it better than the TV can. The only real thing I used with my Smart TV was its internet connection, as it allowed me to control it with my iPhone. However, since getting my GS4, I haven't needed its internet connection.

    But to answer the original question, no. My TV purchases have nothing to do with my cell phone purchases.
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    Never go by the image you see in store. They hook expensive Tvs up with HDMI and cheaper tvs up sometimes using composite cables. Do your research. Plasma's still have the best picture and you will see that if you do your homework.

    Your smart phone will have little impact on the TV....realistically most people use a cable box and that is what your phone would interact with anyways.
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    They are two different objects so not sure why either would influence the other? I own three Samsung TV's, I have a Sony Playstation, two Dell laptops, and an Apple iPhone. There is no pattern in my house.
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    I was asking feature-wise, not brand-wise.


    Plasma really that much better over LED LCD?
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    LCD is very "grainy" and a lot of LEDs suffer from a soap opera effect. The only LED I would consider is a Samsung. Panasonic has the best plasmas.
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    Not at all. Bought a Samsung Smart TV only (without knowing beforehand) to realise I can easily stream content to it from my S III.
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    I don't see a lot of plasma smart TVs. Why is this?
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    Best buy has some good ones and they will price match amazon fulfilled prices. Plasmas are not as popular
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    I'm also thinking about a Samsung Smart TV for my room. It would go well with my S4 or if I decide to get the Note 3. Being that said, IMO nothing beats the picture quality of Sony Bravia. But that doesn't take away the great quality of Samsung and other brand TVs. Samsung does have the best Smart TVs. I'm still waiting for the mythical Apple TV to be announced.
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    You don't see a lot of plasmas at all and it's a shame because the picture quality is generally better vs. LCDs, especially for fast moving video. I'd guess aesthetics has a lot to do with it--can't make them as thin as these new LED LCDs, they use more power and also give off a bit more heat.

    I have a 50" plasma in my family room (maybe 4 yrs old) and the picture quality is top notch.

    My $0.02--Panasonic makes some of the best TVs, plasma or LCD (also own a Panasonic LCD TV in the bedroom) and if I was buying again, I'd look at them first, then Samsung. I'd also not worry about the SMART functionality as you can add it through any number of devices (Roku and Apple TV are the best). Two of our TVs have SMART functionality and I've only used it on either a few times to use Amazon Instant streaming as it wasn't available on the Apple TV--with AirPlay support on the Amazon streaming app, don't need it any longer. And in both cases the UI are a bit clunky and laggy.
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    Great advice all around in an unconventional thread for this forum. Thanks everyone. Really insightful.

    I've narrowed it down to these three:

    40 inch Samsung: http://www.amazon.com/Samsung-UN46F6300-46-Inch-1080p-120Hz/dp/B00BCGRTFK/ref=cm_cd_ql_qh_dp_t

    42 inch LG (maybe the 47 inch since it's only about 50 bucks more): http://www.amazon.com/LG-Electronic...UTF8&qid=1379897104&sr=8-16&keywords=smart+tv

    And my top choice:

    42 inch Panasonic:

    But will definitely stop into a Best Buy or something first to see them all first hand.
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    I have that Panasonic's 3D sibling. Didn't care about the 3D element, just got a great deal earlier this year. Very happy with the picture quality. Also, the Panasonic Viera control app works fine if you'd like to use your phone as a remote.
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    I also have a 50" Samsung plasma. Don't know how old it is, I traded my S3 phone for it. It's probably at least 5yrs old. It's a 720p and the picture quality is very good. I do experience sone burn in, but never anything permanent and goes away quickly. Plasmas definitely have a deeper and richer picture than LCD or LED.

    SmartTVs are the future of the norm. I will not be buying any seperate devices when I can just have it already integrated on a SmartTV. I don't have a SmartTV yet, but I constantly play with my friends and family's SmartTVs. IMO Samsung and Vizio SmartTVs have pretty good software/OS. The apps run mostly flawless and lag free.

    They just need to focus on setting things up more user friendly. When settings things up for my family and friends, most of the time I had to input wireless settings manually down to selecting the type of password encryption. Most SmartTVs fail if you try the easy setup and wirless is on aes encryption. Also some of the remotes are not user friendly. It even baffles me for a couple of minutes. Then you have some TVs(Smart and Dumb) which confuses people when it decides to control other devices like blueray, cable box, and etc: via hdmi cable.
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    How come some Panasonics say "Built in Wireless LAN" instead of WiFi? Is that the same as ones labeled "Built in Wi-Fi"?

    There's a lot of mix-and-matching with the feature list and it gets confusing because some will also say "VIERA Connect with Built-In Wi-Fi" for the ones that list "Build in Wireless LAN".



    But for the E60 model, it'll still say in the description:


    What? :confused:


    I've looked at Vizio as well and they offer some impressive value. But I worry about their quality long term?
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    You may have already received all the advice you need. However, I will add some input anyway. I don't to an extreme amount about TV's but, I would not allow your smartphone to determine your choice. The connection between a Galaxy and Samsung Tv is kind of gimmicky. Also a little off topic but if you were considering a smart TV. In my opinion they are a waste when you could just get an apple TV or Chromecast. Good Luck!
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    Vizio makes reliable and good quality higher end TVs, but their lower end TVs are complete garbage. Source: I used to be a cable tech, so I seen it all.
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    How high end would one have to go?


    All advice -- little or big, new or old -- is appreciated. Thanks.
  24. tbayrgs, Sep 23, 2013
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    I can appreciate wanting to have your Smart functionality already integrated. The problem I have is the inconsistency in both UI and performance. Unless you buy/replace all of your TVs simultaneously, you're not going to have the same functionality in all of your TVs. We have 4 TVs from 3 different manufacturers, only 2 of which have Smart functionality built in but from 2 different manufacturers. The UI on each TV is completely different, as is the Smart functionality. IMO, it's much easier to just hook up a 'smart box' (Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, etc) and have the same user experience on every TV. This is especially beneficial when you have a wife and young kids. ;):D

    I'm hoping to have my TVs for quite a while--great Smart features now likely won't be so impressive in 5-7 years. And if you think manufacturers offer lackluster support updating the OS on their Android phones, they have nothing on manufacturers offering updates to TV firmware. ;) It's much easier just replacing the Apple TV than it is the TV itself to get the latest Smart functionality.
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    I recently cut the cord on cable and made a big decision in which TV to buy.

    For me my top priorities:

    Quality for HD:sports,movies, etc
    Smart Apps:HBOGO, Amazon,Netflix,etc
    Functionality for other devices: AppleTV,Internal Wifi

    I have been a true Samsung TV buyer for years but opened my horizons to other during my search but still came back to a Samsung LED as they do it best imo.

    I stream XBMC to AppleTV through Airplay and it works flawlessly and even get HD on some apps on XBMC.

    The HD quality is great through my Mohu antenna and even better HD quality as its uncompressed from when I had DirecTV.

    AVS forum is a great place to get honest reviews and tech info. I honestly would say dont bother with the Best Buy displays as they jack up all the settings but go to get an idea of size and depth of the screen. I was lucky as my friends had different TVs and used their brands as examples.

    I wish ya luck as this is a big purchase for a man. :D

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