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Dogfight your kids, must promise to behave

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by CorvusCamenarum, Apr 30, 2007.

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    I think it's the girl's comments that shock me the most. Apparently forcing your kids to beat on each other, getting caught and a subsequent wrist slap is so traumatic that it warrants taking a vacation on the government's shilling.

    Point of curiosity: How far does £40k go over there as far as standard of living and all? Converted to dollars, it's roughly double the median income here.
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    Hint don't read the daily mail.

    £40K per annum is pretty good earnings, will give you a reasonable middle class life. I expect to start as a graduate on about £25K-£30K going up to around £40K after I become chartered with 3-5 years experience (What i have been told + prospective job adverts suggest).
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    Do you mean this is satire?
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    It is just the Daily Mail is a rather poor newspaper and a much better example would be The Guardian.
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    Personally I'd have these women sterilised and their children taken away to ensure that they could never be allowed to do this sort of thing again. However, apparently it's every person's right to spawn sprogs and then do with them as they see fit. As I see it children have a right to good parents and parents have a responsibility to their children.

    I've seen women have their 10th child with the previous 9 in care, why should she have any right to do that?

    Am I the only person who couldn't follow this thread's title, the wording is atrocious.
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    Disgusting. Good that they're hanging their heads low though (other than that woman 2nd from the left).
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    Could have dressed a bit less tarty for court. They say they did the same as children. I can see what wonderful adults thats made them.
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    It's a lot for benefits, some (me) would say far too much infact for people that don't actually make any worthwhile contribution to society.

    It's not so much for a salary, it's above the national average, but is liable for 40% tax so as such £40k wouldn't actually go all that far considering the average house price in the UK currently exceeds £200,000 for example.
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    The top 5 grand or so is liable to 40% tax, the remainder less so. If you are receiving that much in benefit I'm guessing you're in council accomodation. Should someone receive more money than most public sector workers and get a free house for doing nothing - no. However, to give these people nothing only serves to punish their children, and suddenly depot contraception doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

    Admittedly there's no way that they're receiving 40 grand in benefits, but this just serves to distract from a story about thoroughly unpleasant people who should be locked up.

    And can a mod please change the thread title to something a little more coherent.

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