DOH! No splotches on this one but dead pixel :(

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by willmg, Nov 3, 2003.

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    Not sure what to do I sent my 1.25 15incher back with a grouping of 7 dead pixels. Just got it back and while those were in a corner and didnt interfere too much I now have a bright blue pixel in the top right about two inches down and 3 inches in. :( so far no splotches of white though maybe thats at least fixed.
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    Think its worth it for me to contact Apple or am I just going to have to deal with this nasty blue pixel? Man I heard everyones reports of no dead pixels thought I might get lucky heh, now I almost want spots to appear so I can have another chance at a perfect screen ;)
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    I think Apple has a policy regarding burnt/stuck pixels - but they are a company trying to minimize customer complaints and will bend to a constructive argument if you don't objectively meet their requirements. You have to ask yourself if you think it is worth the time it will require to convince Apple that the subjective argument makes it worth their while.

    You can ask Apple how much it would cost to replace the screen completely... they might be able to cut you a deal if you explain that the pixel somehow limits you, and that it is effectively their quality control that is at fault.

    Alternatively you could try the "massage" of your stuck pixel. I hear that works well in a fair amount of cases...


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