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Don't be fooled!

Discussion in 'iPod' started by pdpfilms, Aug 30, 2005.

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    A few days ago my iPod photo stopped working. It kept displaying a "sad iPod" icon, and wouldn't play music or be recognized by my computer. I went to the iPod support website, and was informed that my warranty was expired and repair would be $280. After realizing there was not much else to do, I signed up.

    Then, I remembered there is a one year parts warranty on iPods... and this bugger's not a year old. So I called Apple and was informed that i merely had to pay $29.95 for shipping and handling, unless I wanted the $49 student Applecare, which would cover the shipping cost and any future blunders.

    I want others to know that there is likely an alternative to the widely prescribed (and overpriced) online repair service provided by apple. $280 is alot of money, and it's rediculous to me that I almost was tricked into paying this when really i had to only pay $49 at most.
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    mad jew

    Thanks for the tip. I'm in a pretty similar predicament at the moment, and there's no way I'm paying that much to get my little iSaac fixed.
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    I smell classs-action lawsuit...
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    mad jew

    They're not doing anything illegal, are they?
  5. Nuc
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    I would say so...

    $29.95 for shipping and handling is highway robbery. This is ridiculous..

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    The website must have made a mistake if it claimed your warranty had expired. The phone service and online repair service are one and the same as far as I know.

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