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Don't buy 2wire HPNA Adapter!

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by 2A Batterie, Jul 22, 2004.

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    2A Batterie

    My frustration continues with setting up my new Mac. Some of you may recall I had a post about trying to share my first floor internet connection with my new setup on the third floor of my house. Here's the link:

    As the link states, I decided on going with an HPNA adapter from 2wire to send my SBC Yahoo DSL connection from the first floor to the third. I thought wireless was unnecessary as I plan on keeping both my computers where they are, and wireless would cost $200 as oppossed to $50 for the HPNA adapter. I double checked with 2wire and SBC before I purchased it and they said it was compatible. After fooling around with no results for almost 3 hours today, I broke down and called 2wire support. After waiting for well over a half an hour, the support told me that the HPNA adapter will not work with 10.3.2 and that he has only gotten the adapter to work once with 10.3.4. All of this hassle for nothing. Just thought I would put out the word so no one else wastes their time like I have.
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    so why weren't you at 3.4 in the first place?
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    2A Batterie

    My G5 shipped with 10.2 and aside from that, the 2wire support operator said that there had only been one time that he managed to get the HPNA adapter to work with 10.3.4, and in that case the Mac had to chage its network setting after every restart/installation of any other program

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