Don't you miss folder thumbnail preview and cut & paste in Finder???

Discussion in 'Mac OS X 10.7 Lion' started by pedrofan, Apr 28, 2011.


Do you think that apple should include the following lacks in LION??

  1. Please Apple, include folder thumbnails, cut & paste and maximize window in LION

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  2. Don't make changes, leave things as they are now

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  3. I need other functions (post them below)

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  1. pedrofan, Apr 28, 2011
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    I really hate to write this, but it is so obvious that Leopard has a lot of incomprehensible lacks that don't seem to be corrected on LION and nobody says nothing about that.

    For example:

    Folder thumbnails preview or something similar

    it is horrible to locate images or files browsing in the finder without folder's preview. It is simply necessary. I've had to make custom icons for every file and it is horrible. We need a better way to browse in the finder without reading minuscule labels (coverflow and quick look really sucks).

    Cut & paste

    why the hell it is allowed to cut and paste in every program and not in the finder?? It is annoying to have to open two finder windows to move files between folders. Please Apple don't hate us so much, at least allow us to activate through finder preferences... cmd+x please!!!

    Maximize windows behavior:

    I'm so tyred of having to maximize safari manually to put it in full screen. Ok, you have implemented all borders resizing in Lion, but I have to install better touch tool or right zoom plugins to maximize windows automatically, we are in twenty first century, please change the green (+) button behavior.

    I know that almost all things can be achieved by plugins, but... please, how can you miss these things? Does apple really hate us?
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    I am with you about cut&paste with cmd x, neutral about thumbnails and against of maximizing with green + button. I love working with windows, besides they added some similar feature called full screen apps. BTW, I have never used lion.
  3. Mal
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    I'm not sure what you're going on about. Thumbnail previews have been part of Mac OS X since just about day 1, for any file type by now, almost. There's been a lot of discussion already about the Move functionality added to the Finder, so scratch point 2. And Lion also includes Full Screen mode for most programs, and better yet, they keep the good green button and simply add a full screen button on the top right of the window.

    Basically, nothing you've posted would make any sense to someone who has actually been reading about Lion. Guessing you haven't read the rest of the forum here.

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    I like the maximize button behavior but in certain moments y rather want to put a window covering all the screen but not in fullscreen.

    Have you tryed BetterSnapTool? It is hundreds of times easyer and faster to work with it than with the rachitic bottom right triangle to resize windows.
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    Cut and Paste is deffo a needed feature.
    Folder thumbnails... nah. I couldn't care less.
    Maximize windows... kinda happening with fullscreen apps. But I like the function of the green button.
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    I mean folders not files. Thumbnails previews of folders contents.
    Cut and paste isn't already in lion
    and I don't like to put a window in actual full screen, only covering all the desktop.

    Lion doesn't do any of that basical, super basical, things.
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    i never understood the point of the "+" if it doesn't max ur windows tbh xD kinda fail and yes we need cut and paste
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    I've never really understood the purpose of the green + on Macs, sometimes it goes full screen, others it just resizes the window, it doesn't seem to be consistent.

    I use Size Up which will position windows how I want them, generally full screen, or 50/50 split if I'm moving around files.

    I personally don't like multiple windows so have lots of spaces and quickly switch between them or Cmd+Tab between programmes.
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    I wish Apple would include cut/paste just so people can shut up about it :rolleyes:
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    Yes I would love folder previews! Windows did that and I miss it a lot.
    As I've heard, Lion has cut and paste actually. It's not as simple as you would expect, not Cmd + X, but you rather first need to copy the file, and then press some freaky button combination or right click menu command and it will "Move" the file there.

    Here's how the green "+" button works in Pseudo Code:

    When button is pressed:
    window height = random
    window width = random
    window position = random​

    When button is pressed again to undo previous undesired random positioning:
    window height = random * random
    window width = random^3
    window position = random^7​
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    In leopard there was a quicklook plugin to preview the entire contents of a folder. It was really handy. The quicklook api changed for 10.6 and this plugin was unable to be ported to Snow Leopard.
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    Do you mean this? or something else?
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    I'm confused about the phrasing of the title of this thread. What do you mean by miss them? Were these features available in a previous version of OSX?
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    That's not how the green button works at all. It resizes to the visible content (in most programs, Firefox being one of the annoying exceptions). On Windows I can't live without maximised windows, but on OS X, I personally haven't found any need for it and like the green button as is (that said, I hardly use it).

    I've had that turned on for ages and it's great!
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    Agreed. And I guess I'm a bit dense tonight ... how is Windows and its preview icons an improvement over coverflow?

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    When the application program gets the "maximize" event the rule is that it shoud make the window "as big as it needs to be" to show all the data. The developer gets to decide how big is big.

    Taking up the entire screen made sense when we all had small screen or on today's notebooks but it would be wrong to do that on a 27" iMac. And what if yu have two screens? It's best that some "as big as it needs to be" rule is applied.

    Not to say the rule could not be made more clear and better enforced
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    As someone who uses the green zoom button a lot, especially in Preview, I'm very glad they decided to make the "full screen" button a different button instead of using the green button for it. No, I don't want the green button to maximize. I like it how it is.
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    I like it this way too, this green button is some of the things I like from Mac OS.
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    Bummer that Quicklook in Lion is largely a graphical deviation from the Leopard OS's. I rather liked the HUD, not loving the opaque white. It looks cheap and the transparent black seemed more polished. I like the new features such as Quicklook in Spotlight, et al. Bummer too that "folder previews" doesn't work in the latest Lion DP.

    Tried "Cut & Paste" in Finder, meh, was a bit buggy. Anyone know how Apple is handling this feature (where does it store the data and if you cut & paste before your last one do you lose data or does it not move until you paste)?
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    but we could argue that the "+" logical doesn't make any sense as it is right now
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    Ok, change the icon from + to +~- and we are good to go :D
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    This is how the "+" button works for me in Safari, every single time, and this is how it has always been.

    I don't see how the second screen benefits anyone, as the window is in the bottom left corner, it's much smaller than its content, and 90% of its content is off-screen.

    The third screen makes more sense, but requires pressing the "+" button twice. It is slightly smaller than the first window, but I don't see why, as the website displayed (this one) adapts to the window size so as to not display horizontal scroll bars, and the text takes up as much horizontal space as it can. There is therefore no "correct size" for this website.

    This is what I mean when I say that the "+" button is unpredictable, most of the time I click it to see whether it provides a better size, realize that it doesn't and then I can't change it back to the way it was. Extremely annoying, I wish I could just remove it so that I don't ever click it by accident.

    Safari Green Button copy.jpg
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    Yes, cut and paste IS in Lion:

  24. Mal
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    That's what I was referring to, thanks for finding a screenshot. Sure, it doesn't use the Cut and Paste wording, but it's the same function. Better yet, you don't have to choose when you start to move the file, you just copy it, and then either paste or move when you get the final location.

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    It's always in Snow Leopard too. And in Leopard. And Tiger if I seem to remember correctly. Just always greyed out, thus unusable. Just how it is in your Lion screenshot.


    It IS in Lion. Just like in every version of Mac OS X. The feature is no supported in Finder yet.

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