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Doom Resurrection Available for iPhone and iPod Touch

Discussion in 'iOS Blog Discussion' started by MacRumors, Jun 29, 2009.

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    id Software's original iPhone game Doom Resurrection [App Store] was released into the App Store earlier today. The Doom 3 inspired game offers a first person shooting experience that's been adapted to the iPhone. From a TouchArcade review of the game:
    The player's movements in the game are scripted while the aiming/shooting is controlled by the accelerometer. This video shows the game in action:


    Article Link: Doom Resurrection Available for iPhone and iPod Touch
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    Not interested.
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    Argh! YouTube is too slow.
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    I thought I had heard that this might take advantage of the faster processors in the 3GS. Anyone know anything about that?
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    Why would anyone be interested in one of the biggest game franchises in the world entering the iphone market? It's not like id invented the fps genre or anything.

    Bye x
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    Looks good. $9.99
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    Howzit on the original iPhone? Too slow? Okay?
  8. Guest

    Runs ok on an iPhone 3G, completely playable. It should run the same on an original iPhone, since they have same CPU, memory, etc.
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    Full of Win

    So... can the iPhone play Doom?
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    Yes, but can it run Crysis?

    But really I would buy this if it wasn't on the rails.
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    Because it's an "on rails" fps. It flies in the face of what a fps is. It's a huge disappointment. I'm not picking this up at that price. I would rather have the controls that were in Wolfenstein. As it is, I'll wait until Livefire comes out.
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    Ditto. I was looking forward to this :(

    I'd rather id would have just given us the original Doom - no rails. Grr..
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    Chris Rogers

    dam, $9.99
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    REALLY?! you are going to complain about almost 10 bucks? wow...

    10 dollars is cheap for games that include updates and etc. you should be happy that the standard right now IS 10 bucks and not 25 dollars or higher atm.

    apple gamers are the worst.
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    I guess we're supposed to think of it like The House of the Dead?
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    I'd think of it more like Doom.
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    You know what I meant by that, right? House of the Dead, the game where it runs "on rails" but you aim and shoot with a light gun...
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    I thought it would be more like the original Doom. Rails? Really wtf?
    Though still oddly tempted.

    Edit: I am saving my cash. Original Doom is due out (date unknown) and it won't be on rails.
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    Actually, now that I think of it - it would fit well comparing it to House of the Dead. GJ! Forgot about that game...
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    Weird. Don't know how much fun it would be to play Doom where the computer decides where to move for me. You're just waiting for it to move you to the next location so you can aim and shoot things. Doesn't seem that exciting for $9.99 honestly.
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    +1 ^^^ Original Doom is starting to look much better, hopefully it'll be $9.99 as well....:cool:
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    Hmmm, I don't think any of us cares about that...:rolleyes:
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    Yeah that's how I'm thinking of it... I actually love that style of games, so am gonna pick this one up tonight after work!

    To be honest I prefer the "on rails" style to having awkward controls and difficult gameplay.

    To me Halo on an Xbox was really bad in terms of controls (in my view you really need a mouse and keyboard for 1st person shooters...) so given that stance... I think the iPod Touch would be even worse if they tried to give you a complete version of Doom 3 including the controls.
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    i just might get this game. we'll see

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