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Discussion in 'iPad Accessories' started by Ganges, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I've settled on 2 different methods / cases to protect my Ipad, but have not been able to make the final choice. The choices represent 2 very different philosophies. How about a show of hands as to what you guys think?

    Option 1 is the classic leather folio. It looks nice, and offers a fair amount of protection. The folio I would get is the nice PDair case.


    The one issue I have with going this route is that the case hides the nice futuristic look of the Ipad. It no longer looks like it belongs on the bridge of the Enterprise on STNG!

    So, the other option is to go semi naked, but with some protection, and a gripper surface to hold it better. My choice here is really 2 part. First would be the this black gripper back shell which is nice and thin (Keeping the original Ipad look intact) , and offering a rubber like feel.


    And the second part of Option 2 for travel, and storage around the house would be to slip the back shelled Ipad into this nice Waterfield sleeve case.


    Those are my 2 choices. Either the leather folio, or back shelled + the sleeve case. What do you say?
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    I probably go for the first choice. I worry that the screen is not protected at all in the second choice.
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    2nd option but I'm biased :)
    The Waterfield cases have a great rep, difficult to buy better. They do make one which is big enough for a case.

    Silicon back and a separate double zipped case here, both white..

    I have a white Gecko (Australia) silicon back which is solid with an easy grip surface. It's also thicker around the back edges to stop the iPad rocking on a hard surface. Still undecided about using the included screen protecter.

    Waiting impatiently for the July release of the iPad in New Zealand.....:(
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    I'm in the same place you are. Going back and forth between a portfolio look or a shell. My plans are to throw ("gently") by iPad into my Timbuk2 messenger back to go to work. I want something that will give some protection which I think a portfolio type item will work. I know a lot of the portfolios can be used as a "kickstand" of sorts or to give the iPad an angle to type. I'm afraid those two things will wear over time and not provide the type of support I will need long term. So now after reading your two options I'm thinking a "hard shell" would provide some protections along with a sleeve (like the Waterfield). Then maybe I just need two stands. One for home and one for work. Sorry not really an answer to your question but I think it made me think that maybe a shell plus sleeve is the way to go and not to rely on a portfolio to be a stand.
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    My wife and I got lucky and picked up the Apple case today. We had them on order with Apple but they where not going to ship until July 27th. We both like them and I feel better with it protected. I do like the idea of the Waterfield case for traveling. Thanks I will look into this for my wifenand I.
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    I'd go with choice 2. The rubberized grip is safer, albeit you don't have any screen protection like with the first option.
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    Well, it just so happens that the black Gripper shell i'm looking at for option #2 includes a free cheap stand!

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    I really like option 2. It'd be nice to have a little protection all the time (not a lot of protection all the time) so that the iPad would in its "native state," but you would have added protection for travel.
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    Where is the black gripper shell selling from?
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    look at the folio from - a carbon fiber leather back type grip but a folio - I have one and love it....
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    Well I bought the STM Jacket for Ipad last night. STM are good bags and it only cost $24.99.

    I'm still looking for a "shell" that I like. I just bought my ipad today.
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    Cool, so your going with option 2 also? :D

    Let us know what hardshell you choose. My requirements were, Black, grippy, and not to change the "look" of the Ipad. I'll see how close the HHI version comes...
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    I am going with option 2.
    I like some of the iskin shells but they are just sooo expensive. The one I like is $60. I like the Vaja Leather shells also but they are waaaay expensive also.

    After holding my ipad today I do understand the need for something grippy
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