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Downgrading to Leopard

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by mac jones, Jul 22, 2011.

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    Post your experiences, (if anyone ELSE wants to do this besides me) :D

    note: Dual-boot is, I suppose an option, but seems like a hassle.
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    Which model do you want to downgrade to Leopard? The newest 2011 model? The 2011 ones cannot run anything less then 10.7/Lion.
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    Yes that's what I want to do, but assumed that. But someone will try, thats for sure.
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    This will be a huge mistake. It may be done if somebody fools enough with kext's , if no messing about with the EFI is required. Why would one want to do that though? Lion is inherently a much more secure OS, than its predecessors
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    If you can backport the kexts, I'm sure you can even run Tiger.
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    No I won't do it, but some apps don't work and the time frame for updates is crappy.

    I mean, I've resorted to bootcamp, which is not-fun. Windows is lovely, but I bought an Apple.

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