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Discussion in 'OS X' started by ConsiderPhlebas, Jul 1, 2011.

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    New to the forum and new to the Mac having bought an IMac a couple of months ago. Moving from MS Windows I am still low on the learning curve but making progress.

    My question concerns the Download icon in the dock

    I have an IMac 27" , i7, running OS 10.6.8 using the FireFox browser with the downloads folder set as the location to save files..

    When I download a file from the internet, a window opens and I see the file drop in and I can open it, move it, whatever. But later when I click on the download icon in the dock and expand it, the file(s) are not there.

    If I open Finder, look under places and open my user name and then look in downloads, all the files are there.

    I thought the dock download icon was just a pointer to my download folder, and I would see the same file list from either.

    What am I missing and how do I get the dock icon to give the same list?
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    It's supposed to be the same. You can just drag the icon off the dock and drag the folder you want down there.
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    When that icon is "expanded" what path leads to it? If you don't have the path bar active at the bottom of the window, right click on the window title ("Downloads") at the top to see what folder this Downloads folder is in. It's probably not on the Home Folder path.
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    Download Dock Question Resolved

    Did that and at first it didn't work. Then I noticed I was dragging a sub download folder under the top download folder to the dock.

    Dragging the top folder worked.

    Have no idea what I did to mess it up in the first place.

    Thanks to all who responded.

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