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Download Keynote???

Discussion in 'Event Archives' started by The Stig, Jan 9, 2007.

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    The Stig

    Where can I download the keynote from MWSF 07??? I can stream in from their website but I can't save it using quicktime pro! Did anybody get around this yet??? Any help?

    The Stig
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    the keynote should be made available on itunes as a free video podcast.

    but it's not.
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    The Stig

    Should be? As in Apple is going to put it on there, or said they were going to, but haven't yet. OR Should be, as in YOU think that is what Apple should do?

    The Stig
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    Apple should put the keynotes on iTunes

    Are you the real Stig BTW:D[​IMG]
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    no.. he's the stig of the dump


    just joking The Stig..
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    If it isn't released as a podcast, you could go to www.javimoya.com and paste in the URL. That will let you download it and use isquint to change it from .flv
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    i think it should be. they're always touting podcasting. why not post their keynote as a podcast? it would be much better than having to sit through a streaming quicktime video.

    I think it SHOULD be.
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    This is from a thread like 10 down from this one. You guys should really search before posting.

    The user's name who posted this was Embed.


    "For those of you that have a torrent client here is the .torrent file for


    Torrent file download:


    file discription:


    i havent downloaded it yet, but i hope it will be fine"


    I downloaded it. Its a screen capture and ok quality. You can actually see the bottom of his quicktime player during the keynote...so...ya...at least you have it though.

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