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Download This Art for your Screensaver

Discussion in 'Apple TV and Home Theater' started by MikieMikie, Nov 4, 2007.

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    Well, I finally finished my art collection. :)

    I have downloaded a lot of impressionist, post impressionist, surreal and abstract art from the internet. I have formatted and resized it all for use on the :apple:TV.

    Each artist has his/her own folder, and you'll find the folder on my iDisk's public folder. I have uploaded it and I invite you to make you :apple:TV experience a different one.

    The art is here:

    Once you download it, you can add it all (by importing) to iPhoto, and then making an album into which you should place all of the art (or those which you like).

    On the :apple:TV side of things, my wife and I like to look at each painting for a minimum of 20 seconds, and we like being surprised by what the next piece will be, so we set the slideshow to pick randomly.

    I should mention that, due to overscan and the 16:9 aspect ratio, all images have black borders to ensure that overscan does not obscure the edges.

    Please enjoy, and let me know if you like.

    -- Mikie
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    Great stuff. one suggestion would have been to archive zip each folder so that a person wouldn't have to download each file seperatly and then create folders to store them in.

    Just laziness on my part :p Many thanks regardless.
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    Thanks guy that was cool. Is there no way to download the folder containing all subfolders. I only get the option to download each picture individually. Nice job.
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    No unfortunetly :eek: Hence my post about simply zipping the folders and posting them on the .mac server to the op!
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    Just use the Finder option -

    Go/iDisk/Other User's Public iDisk Folder

    Insert the User name mberlyn

    Bang - A finder menu with all the heavenly glories (and some jpegs too)

    Thanks mberlyn!
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    Hey that worked great. Thanks mate.
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    Is yours as slow as molasses.

    you can also upload
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    yeah, but quicker then clicking each one.
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    Uploading a ZIPPED version. Wait for it.

    Sorry for the download speed, but that's an iDisk for you.

    Also, the morons who uploaded advertising and other crap make me regret my decision to share these images.

    I have now set the site to download (read) only. The .ZIP version should simplify downloading.

    -- Mikie
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    Cool idea, how to you keep it from showing your regular photos and only the paintings? Also anyone else here miss the movie posters being included in the screen saver. I liked have the music and posters together, seeing as AppleTV isn't just about music. I hope this is fixed in 1.2 update... If we ever get it.
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    Go to settings, screen saver, and then pick the art folder!

    -- Mikie
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    You can make it even simpler by simply uploading the .zip file to your Sites folder. Then you can simply post a link to the file like this, http://homepage.mac.com/yourusername/art.zip.
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    Hey Mikie,
    Thanks a ton for sharing this!
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    After days of frustration, I am ready to look for a better solution than the iDisk. It cannot "close" files of substantial size and has consistently failed to upload this zip file to my sites folder.


    Thanks for the tip, though.

    -- Mikie

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