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Downloaded free songs on iTunes from iCloud

Discussion in 'iCloud and Apple Services' started by Tadaas, Jun 11, 2011.

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    Over the years I have "purchased" many of the songs and music videos that are free for a week. Every week a new set of free items are available. Over the years I have built up many items. When I look at my purchase history on iTunes on my PC all these free items show up with the few that I have purchased with cash. When I look at my purchase history in iTunes on my iPhone or iPad only the items I paid for with cash show up.

    I wonder if these free items will ever show up in the iCloud...
    Perhaps they will need to be part of the iTunes Match service to be in the iCloud.

    Anybody have any info on this?
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    iBook Store and Apps Store on iPad/iPhone do list all free books and Apps purchased but iTunes does not for music.

    Maybe this will change in the fall with final release
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    I think there is still a lot of bugginess to work out still. I downloaded the Starbucks free music sample playlist thing from iTunes yesterday. I noticed that it did not show up in any of my devices that those songs were "purchased." No big deal, I figured maybe a free sample thing like that (using a code) doesn't fall under iCloud. I ended up deleting the songs I didn't want.

    Today I was using another computer that is set up with my iTunes, and it automatically downloaded the Starbucks free sample songs from iTunes. I didn't have my other computer on with iTunes open, so it wasn't doing it through home sharing, and in fact, most of the songs were deleted from my other computer anyway. So it must have been getting them from iCloud. Yet they still don't show up anywhere as "purchased." Strange.
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    This is already working, I've used it to download my free purchases (and paid ones as well) to my iPad.

    You do need to change a couple of settings for it to do this automatically.

    Here's how.

    First, on your Mac open up iTunes, go to Preferences, then Store.

    Check the boxes for Music, Apps, and Books. This will automatically download any purchases made on your iOS devices to your Mac.

    Now on your iOS devices open up Settings, then Store. Move the slider to "ON" for Music, Apps, Books (or only Music, if you prefer). Now any purchases you made on iTunes on your Mac will automatically download to your iOS devices.

    That's it! On your iOS devices your music, including the free ones, show up in your iPod App under both Music and Purchases, and in the same spots in iTunes on your Mac.
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    Have you found if this works with "re-downloading"? I have found that this works for the initial, automatic download, but if trying to re-download something, the free music doesn't show up in purchased music on my devices/computers.
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    It's automatically downloaded purchases, including free music, from a couple of years ago. I didn't have to re-download anything manually, it just all showed up. Why are you trying to re-download something? Isn't already on whatever device or Mac you originally purchased it on?
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    Also, if your iOS device doesn't have the storage room for all the music/apps/books you've purchased, you can just manually download what you want to your iOS device.

    In that case, make sure the Settings>Store are set to OFF for Music/Apps/Books.

    Then open your iTunes App. Go to Purchases, then Not On This iPad/iPhone, etc.

    You'll see a list of all of your purchases, with little iCloud buttons next to each. Just click on any you want to download to the iOS device.
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    That's the part that's glitchy for me with free purchases (see my post a few back). Free music downloads automatically, but doesn't show up under purchases the way non-free things do to allow manual downloading. Seems like a bug - I would think it should be available in both places or neither. It's not a problem for me - I was just testing everything out and noticed it seemed odd.
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    Your experience is the same as mine. My Free music items that I have downloaded ("bought") to my PC over the years do not show up under the purchased button in the iPad iTunes app. The 20 items of purchased music, that I have paid cash for, do show up.

    This is interesting because Free iBooks and Free Apps do show up under the purchased button in the iBooks and App stores.

    I hope this is just a glitch and will be fixed before the fall rollout.

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