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dp 2.5 issues.. heat and hissing sound

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by fowler., Sep 13, 2004.

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    This is my first G5, so, there are a couple things that I'm wondering about.

    The computer runs pretty warm. I haven't checked out how hot using a hardware monitor, but it feels like, it's producing a lot of heat on the outside. Almost to the point where it seems like it's making my room really warm.

    Maybe I'm being paranoid... or it's been a while since I've lived in Pasadena during the summer.

    Secondly, there is this little hissing noise thats coming from the computer. I've read around and have seen people mentioning a chirping sound, which doesn't really describe what mine is doing. Sometimes the hissing is sustained in little 1 or 2 second incrimints (sp?)... so that has me wondering.

    I've worked on a 2.0 at work for a little bit and have never noticed any of these things... my room mate also has one (a 2.0).. he's never mentioned a thing.. and I've never noticed it when I've used his machine.

    So yeah, any advice you guys can give will be appreciated.
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    Here are some temps I got using Hardware monitor:

    Main Logic Board Backside 111.0°F
    CPU A Die Temperature 171.2°F
    Processor Card A Ambient 122.0°F
    CPU B Die Temperature 163.7°F
    Processor Card B Ambient 117.5°F
    Drive Bay 89.6°F
    SMART Disk ST3160023AS (3JS3JXMS)104.0°F
    Memory Controller Heatsink 162.1°F

    edit, okay, those seem to be normal.
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    Call Apple and ask about the hissing noise. Theres a chance that its just the liquid cooling, or maybe Power Napping (perfectly normal).
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    Yeah, I've done a little searching, (probably what I should have done before I posted) and that seems to be the consensus.
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