Dr Dre Beats Pros. Like 'em or not?

Discussion in 'Digital Audio' started by RobinHood5, Jun 24, 2012.

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    What are your thoughts on beats pros? I think $450 is nuts but for a limited time you can get refurbished pair for $250. I'm thinking about getting a pair for music production/live mixing and I'm a bass head audiophile. I loooove my music. So what are your thoughts?
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    Why not spend your money buying headphones from a company that makes audio products - like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Grado etc. rather than buying a fashion brand?

    Depends whether you're more interested in good quality sound or in posing.
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    There's a lot of hate for the plastic Beats, but even Chill Frilla says that the Beats Pro's are VERY good sounding cans. Even Beats haters over at head-fi.org admit that the Beats Pro's sound pretty decent. Worth $400? For pure sound quality, there's better. But even the most hating of the Beats haters will admit that the Beats Pros are probably some of the most bullet-proof, tank like highest quality BUILT headphones out there.

    Second to none.

    I'm considering getting a pair of fake Beats Pros as I heard the sound quality is really good on them, they're only $118, and the build quality is supposedly just as good.

    Alot of people hate on Beats just to hate on them. Be your own judge and try them out for yourself. Many people rock Beats and are happy with them; I think even Skrillex uses them.
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    Good sir, if you think Chilla Frilla is the source for quality headphone reviews, you're so deceived.

    Here is a quote from the Head-Fi review:
    I choked when I saw this EQ chart of the Beats Pro:http://www.innerfidelity.com/images/MonsterBeatsPro.pdf
    Note the sudden drop in high-frequency response. Horrible!

    My $50 Yamaha monitors outperform these Beats Pros by a MILE.

    No, a lot of people hate Beats for a damn good reason: they are overpriced pieces of poorly-built plastic and metal that don't do their job.
    Please, you use Skrillex as a point of comparison? When Shawn R. Britton and Rob LoVerde at MoFi uses these, that'll be headline-worthy. That'll also be the day that hell freezes over and pigs fly...
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    If you like the sound signature then get them. They are no means accurate headphones which are what audiophiles strive for. For less money you can get a far more accurate set of cans. I use the Sony Mdr-v6 others like the at-m50s and sennheiser hd25. If you're not going for accuracy then you should aim for personal taste.
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    Please nothing, great job citing one tidbit from one person on head-fi.org. There are many others that give them much more praise than that, and definitely cite the Pros as being better than the Studios.

    I would like to know the testing setup that produced that frequency response.

    To give you an idea of why I just randomly picked Chilla Frilla was that he wasn't too impressed with Bose's Companion 5 system (which is lacking in some respects to the midrange if they're anything like the Companion 3's) and seems to have an idea of what he's talking about in terms of sound quality.

    Quit sounding snobby, I'm an audiophile myself, but I try things before bashing. And the fake Beats are reportedly better, especially for the money, so I may jump on those or the Sony XB700's for some bassy good sounding cans that aren't meant to be audiophile grade (real Pro's are meant to be, but don't quite hit the margin)

    Finally by NO means are they poorly built - at least the Pro's aren't (IDK about the Studios), but the Pro's are very well built pieces of all aluminum, and would look great next to an aluminum computer, like, oh say, a Mac?! :p :D
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    Being better than the Studios is hardly a praise, since the Studios are so bad to start out with.
    Here's Inner|Fidelity's explanation on how they measure frequency response.

    Pros are marketed at DJs and professional audio engineers, are they not? Then yes, these fall very short of their intended market's needs. This is just another pathetic attempt by Monster to get consumers to spend their money on low-quality products.

    Of course, like you said, if the buyers want bad-sounding bass-heavy headphones, these will deliver. For a huge price tag, though, which will cause contempt regardless of what the buyer is looking for.

    I also try things before bashing. I took all the time I needed to review the entire Beats series, one by one. The time I took was 4 minutes, and the verdict was do not buy.
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    A.) People at head-fi.org say they sound pretty decent (some even say good) depending on the material. However, yes, for professional studio use they might not be the BEST, but I'd like to get another NON biased take on that. I wouldn't spend $400 on these though no matter what unless every review was full of praise. The fakes are $118 and supposedly sound really good, and actually BETTER than some of the real ones - they tend to have a better, more even frequency response and balanced sound.

    B.) They're very well build and will stand to the abuse of a DJ quite easily. Check out InnerFidelity's take on the Beat Pro's - he says they'de make incredible DJ headphones.

    C.) Quit downvoting my posts simply because we disagree. Or go right ahead and we can play that little game.

    D.) Monster doesn't make low quality products, but high quality OVERPRICED products. I've used their speaker cable to wire studio monitors and it easily outperformed the Dayton Audio speaker cable I was using before hand.

    E.) I direct you to here: http://www.head-fi.org/products/bea...from-monster-pro-tuned-over-ear-black/reviews

    Many note them as being the most durable headphones every created. That's probably one of the most important things to being a quality DJ headphone. Second, the reviews give them some credit to sounding pretty decent-good.

    Not $400 good, but not pure garbage either.

    Again, I think the fakes are the best deal for a pair of Beats Pro's
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    There are 1 person who say it's a good headphone for every 1000 person on Head-Fi who say it's bad.
    More trustable people at Head-Fi all say it's bad, regardless of the material and whatever they try to make it sound good.

    The goal of audio equipment is not to be as durable as possible, it's to sound as good as possible. Again, in this regard all the Beats miss the mark.

    I'm not the one downvoting...

    No, they make low quality overpriced products. The Beats are fragile, their cables have unnecessary plastic components that causes structural weaknesses, and with the exception of the Pros most of their products are covered in plastic, plastic and plastic.
    If you're thinking Monster cables are outperforming your old cables, you are experiencing a placebo effect. Or your cables sucked very badly. Most Monster cables are equal in performance to any RadioShack gold-series cabling.

    Here's what they say about it:
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    That's far off the ratio if you look at the link I provided.


    Look at the comments of the most bottom one. This one guy says he tried to win his teenage son's friend over to some "real" headphones, the Sennheisers (which are VERY good, I'm just saying all headphones are real, well, Beats are as any other), and he even admits the Beats Pros sounded good.

    So no, they're not bad headphones, just overpriced. And not studio accurate of course. KRK makes real studio headphones if you want those, or Sony.

    And no, Monster makes tank-like built products, just overpriced. You could tow a car with the speaker cables I had (pre-terminated, shielded, amazing build quality, THX Ultra speaker cables)

    As per the durability of plastic Beats headphones, I direct you to this insane stress test video -


    He does these ridiculous stress tests on all the headphones he reviews and checks out, and the Beats pass with flying colors. I have no idea how people are breaking theirs.


    If I may quote someone from the head-fi.org review of the Pro's:

    "I will write more later as I've explored them a little more. I will say don't let the monster label make you pre-judge these beauties. These straight eclipse the mediocre Studios. I believe it's shameful to even compare the two. I would give these a try."
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    Like this:

    Mind you, this is the exact same headphone as seen in the stress test. Either Monster has extreme quality control issues or Monster fixed them like they did on the Solos.

    They also tend to snap when they are fully extended, when the metal arms are not providing the middle plastic part any support.
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    I swear by my AKG's my Q460's at $250 (things are expensive here in Aus) out perform the $500/ $600 top of the line studio beats, beats are poor sound quality endorsed by some wanker who claims to be a producer, who decided to sell out for a buck.

    (yes I'm aware of the irony of liking the Quincy Jones signature line and saying that but AKG had exemplary products before Quincy and then just added a Q to the side of already outstanding sound and build quality (also the Q460's have the in line remote that the K450's don't) and in the case of my Q701's that's all I could find on my trip to the US)

    in short stick with a real audio company, I recommend AKG, my old Q301's still sound better than beats after almost 15 years
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    You don't need to believe anyone's reviews: just listen to them! They are awful with a capital AW.
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    It is beyond hilarious that so many people are taken by the Beats/Monster marketing scams. For a decent set of cans, just plunk down a hundred bucks for a pair of Sony MDR-7506 headphones and you'll be wearing the same ones used in many, many, many recording studios and audio labs all over the world. You can spend two, four, ten times more, for true pro cans, but they won't sound proportionally better.
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    Beats Pro get me the looks from the ladeez.
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    My Q701's get me looks from... well everyone actually, especially in the car.
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    Those are some hot looking cans. Did you get the bright green ones?
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    Given the options, the secret of the ooze green is the only sensible choice.
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    lol I just didn't like the green, but the black was too plain, so I went for the white, also the other reason you might have been getting looks is that they are GIGANTIC headphones but yeh green stands out :p
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    I only skimmed it, but he appeared to talk a lot about the box and not at all about the sound ...


    Are the looks accompanied by a small, sad shake of the head?

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