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Dragon Age Origin standard vs. Collectors Edition

Discussion in 'Mac and PC Games' started by bob5820, Dec 18, 2009.

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    I have the standard edition for PS3 but I’m finding that playing DAO on a console leaves something to be desired. It is definitely playable on the PS3 but I am left with the feeling that the game could be so much more on the right platform. With the recent news of the upcoming Mac/Cider release I will probably hold off until I see some reviews of how this version plays before making the decision to go with it or the Windows version (to be played in Bootcamp). Regardless of which platform I choose I am a bit unclear about the game play differences between the standard and collectors editions. Non game play fluff aside it looks like the only difference is the collector’s edition includes the Wardens Keep DLC. The Wardens Keep DLC is only $7 while the price difference between the standard and collector’s editions is $10 – 20. From a game play perspective it looks like the better buy is to purchase the standard edition and then buy the Warden’s Keep DLC separately or am I missing something. I am not interested in any of the collectable stuff that does not affect game play.
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    Go here: http://dragonage.bioware.com/addon/

    and read this:
    *Not available as a separate download for the Mac version of Dragon Age: Origins

    At this point I don't know if I was to get DLC separate from the digital download as to if/can/when I could get DLC and install it on my Mac side. I have the PC version already. I have played through as a warrior and am no going through as an Arcane Warrior, wife played through as a rogue and is now playing a warrior, and son has been through it twice! DLC is all I am looking for now, especially community based playable modules, which there are only like 2 of now. I have no idea if it will work. Originally I was like he** yea, I am buying this because I hate to reboot all the time, my fans are an issue in windows etc etc... then I saw this posted on their website and am a little hesitant now. Probably get it anyhow and figure out how to get through that "restriction".

    I purchased the standard PC version and now wish I had purchased the Collectors... but that was retail. Why? Because of the little extra stuff like the hi res artwork back grounds, music etc.
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    Just FYI reviews might take a while as Transgaming is still pushing to get everything cleaned up in order to make the Monday release date, so review copies aren't out yet.

    ... or so I'm told ... ;)
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    That bugs me to know that you are getting a diminished experience because you did not want to pay for the extra goodies. The thing is, I don't consider hi res game content as an extra...
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    It was hi-res wallpapers and the digital soundtracks ... NOT hi-res in-game stuff. Everything that is 'extra' for DA is truly an optional add-on, though after finishing the 2nd time I still couldn't imagine *not* having Warden's Keep as part of the game. But at the same time it isn't necessary ...

    I'm more bugged that the Mac version won't allow getting the add-on in-game ... wonder what that means for 'Return to Ostagar' and other upcoming DLC?
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    Yea sorry for the misunderstanding. My first playthrough was on Win7 and I so wanted a Win7 DAO desktop theme. None of them had any real good wallpapers and I wish I had gotten the Collectors addition. I seem to always do that, have a desktop wallpaper etc, with the latest game I am playing.

    I am pretty sure we'll find a way to get separate DLC to work with the Mac version, it just won't be able to D/L from in game or something like that... I bet there will be a work around. I'll probably just buy the darn thing Monday morning and give it a go... Wish it was released today, cause we will be snowed in for a while here:eek:
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    My error. Now I feel better. :)
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    No worries ... it is all so confusing that I did an article about it!
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    Nicely done! But you did not mention the demons with tassles! :D
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    Cool txa1265. :)

    I was wondering why I didn't get the Warden's Keep with my deluxe retail, but I guess it makes sense, since the online versions don't get the box and sh....

    Is it really worth buying Warden's Keep? I'm more than half way through the game already. I was kind of miffed it wasn't included, as I figured I had just spent $65 on this game, why is EA asking for more money already.

    If not for the soundtrack, I would have not bought the collectors version. But what bothers me, is that it's in a MP3 format, instead of AIFF.

    And one last ramble, the Dragon's Armor is FUGLY and it's a low-rez texture. The Juggernaut armor I found in the game looks vastly better, as do all the PC armor sets I've found, but since its stats aren't as good as the fulgy DLC armor, I gave it to Sten. It looked really funny on Oghren.

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