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Discussion in 'Community' started by mac15, May 21, 2002.

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    I think it's only fair that someone buys me one of these...pleeeease! ;)

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    Ensign Paris

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    Mr. Anderson

    Its not a product, but I'd love to go visit the ISS. Anyone got 20 million they'd like to lend me?
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    Ensign Paris

    That is one hell of a nice car, after someone buys him one could they buy me one?

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    Quote from site: "US retail price $29,700" :eek:
    They had better be some damn good sounding speakers!
    And yes, I like to 406 coupe too, but it's not a spot on the Ferrari :D :D :D
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    Ensign Paris

    The speakers are Electro Static, they sound amazing, very very clear and very acurate, but not alll that loud :)

    if u look at Joey and Rachaels (Friends) appartment they have a pair of them, one next to each bedroom door.

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    he he he.... Travis, mark 2 :p

    And yes, this is probably just a dumb post, to get me to that 500 mark. Shame on me :eek: :D
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    Congrats on the 500 mark britboy.....
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    I'm with you on that one duke, I'd love to go up into space....... that said though... I'm sure theres alot of people I know who'd wish that I'd go upto space, and not come back...... maybe they might all donate cash to raise the necessary 20 million!!!
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    Cheers. And thanks for posting stuff i could reply to in an (non-)intelligent/relevant way :D
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    I want someone to buy a top-of-the-line PowerMac every time a new one comes out :)
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    last week I got a new car....which I am completely smitten over...he he he...:D

    so at this point...I honestly cannot think of something that I want really badly...

    at least not something material... ;)

    now about Sarah Michelle Gellar?! :D
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    Mr. Anderson

    Did you ever get those plates for the new car? Where are the pics?
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    :( no pics....it rained friday evening...and I didn't get a chance to wash it again...and I was too busy cruising around to bother...it didn't look all that bad to be honest...no puddles...he he he

    no worries though....I will get some very....very soon ;)

    as for the plate...actually we only require 1 license plate in Louisiana...I'm picking up the form today to apply for it...he he he:D
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    Dream products....

    Well since eye brought up Sara Michelle Gellar..

    1963 Split-Window Corvette. Just too friggin bad.
    2002 Ferrarri 360

    Me, my wife and Salma Hayek in a hot tub....doing the.....

    yea, neither Salma, nor MrsBacktothemac would go for that one...:D
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    good call on the vette! :D

    I used to live down the street from a guy who owned a 1964 coupe...silver....garage kept...beautiful car...

    I used to be a big car fanatic when I was younger...but then I kind of got out of it once my first car (Celica) pretty much was dying before my eyes and I got into a Camry...

    now things are changing a bit...he he he... :D
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    Actually two others would be a 67 GT500 Mustang, and the other would have to be a 1989 ZR-1 Corvette. Man that was a bad A$$ vette. There is always a 56 Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing. Don't forget a 69 Camaro.

    OK, I need a towel for the drool.......as keyboard shortcircuits.......
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    Mr. Anderson

    Cars are nice, but I'd like a private jet or at least a decent dual engine prop job. Fly somewhere when ever I want. Great way to see the county.

    I've taken pilot lessons a few times, but I just don't have the time and money to get a plane right now. My favorite trip was when I was up in Calgary, Alberta and took a Cesna up over the mountains, saw the glaciers, Banff, unbeleivable scenery.
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    I'll grab u the towel...

    u know Darrin's got a '76 (I believe) Vette...he just had it repainted...

    supercharged...it's actually quite nice looking...

    interior needs a bit of work....no AC...but the chrome motor gleams...he he he :D
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    now yer talkin...:) what an amazing machine.
    i'd like to park it right next to my ac cobra...
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    AC Cobra? For real?
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    don't i wish

    yes, but its 1/24 scale.....what i'd do for a real one. a hardtop daytona cobra just sold here in l.a. for 4 million....it was found in a garage covered with old boxes-used to belong to the eccentric record producer phil specter. they just never come on the market anymore. carrol shelby was going to release a new batch of them with old never-used VIN #'s. that caused a big uproar-don't know what happened there. oh well, what would life be without dreams....:)
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    Off topic...

    But all this asking for luxery items reminded me of this.

    Salon was running an article about these girls (usually teens 16-18) who design their own web sites. They were putting pictures of themselves (sometimes scantily clad) and started collecting items from admirers online. So these grown men had the hots for these girls and asked them for pictures (and more?) in exchange for jewlery and other things they asked for.

    Some of the pages had stuff like, "I really, really want the new sony walkman CD player. Would someone buy it for me? Pretty pleaz! ;)"

    The question Salon asked was, who is exploiting whom??

    Pretty crazy stuff.

    And if anyone would like that car, just send some pics of yourself to this address: no_way_in_heck@dreamland.com.

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    Mr. Anderson

    Re: Off topic...

    OMG this is hysterical, somebody should have told Travis!!!

    "I really, really want the new Apple iBook. Would someone buy it for me? Pretty pleaz!"


    Your timing is all of Taft, that little bit could have been really useful a couple weeks ago. Oh, well.:D

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