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Drink to this

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by wdlove, Apr 6, 2004.

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    Evidence grows about benefits of moderate drinking

    By Maggie Rosen, Globe Correspondent, 4/6/2004

    A story on the Sunday night TV show, "60 Minutes," was the turning point.

    Before that, for at least 2,000 years, people claimed alcohol had medicinal benefits, but no one knew for sure. In the dozen years since the show aired, scientists around the world have been looking at alcohol's upside, and their findings have been consistent: Drinking in moderation appears healthier than not drinking at all.

    The show, which said this link might explain why French people have less heart disease than Americans, made it politically acceptable to talk about the pluses of alcohol and encouraged researchers to explore the health consequences of drinking, a number of scientists said.

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    If only the drunk thread was open...

    Anyway, it does make sense in a way that drinking can be beneficial, especially in terms of heart disease because alcohol dissolves lipids, which is what the fatty deposits on arterial walls are made of.
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    Oh, but it is! ;)
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    a link to an article about a show about something we already knew. hmm.

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    Can we restart the drunk thread here on MR? Or is that a big no-no I know nothing about?

    Why exactly was it shut down?
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    I think that the drunk thread started to mess with the overall karma balance in the universe. You can always try to restart it, worst case scenario it gets wastelanded right away.
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    A lot of issues regarding Alcohol can be discussed in this thread. At least more of the beneficial.
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    ah the good days of talking about alcohol have returned LOL

    this thread is a good reason for me to have a drink or two every night though, :D now only if all of you could see that smile on my face for real...not that im an alcoholic or anything, just a writer
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    Yeah, the folks drink a glass of red wine a couple of times a week...funny red but never white. It's the red wine that "helps the heart" apparently.

    Too bad beer doesn't seem to carry the same health benefits... :D
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    I agree, I to used to enjoy beer a great deal, Until a couple of years ago when my annual physical said otherwise. 40lbs overweight, 160/100 bp, 315 cholesterol count. Soooooo I went for a colonoscopy (I was 50 at the time) and they found 3 polyps 1 of which was cancer. After losing 6" of my colon and undergoing 4 months of intensive chemotherapy I am now clean. At that time I put it in my head I was going to clean up my act, seeing as God has given me another shot at life. I now (2 years later) enjoy a few glasses of wine (mostly red) and do have an occasional beer when I go out to dinner, but overall I feel good and alive.
    I thought these articles would be interesting
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    I do hope that wasn't a specimen left behind, I notice all the empties in the background.

    cool shot stoid
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