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Driver arrested after officer finds her distracted by adult toy during traffic stop

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by TheQuestion, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Equipment violation??

    That is too perfect.
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    ...and she was watching a video on a laptop?!

    This is why I prefer to differentiate myself from other humans by any means.
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    Sadly, I found out that this wasn't a hot chick... :rolleyes:

    Also, like runplaysleeprun said, "Equipment violation" that's classic.

    "It is not clear what the nature of that video was" ... well I think I have an idea... :rolleyes:
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    I dunno, I thought she was attractive.
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    Wonder how her crack pipe got broken.
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    LOL. Was thinking what she was REALLY doing if she admits to using a toy while driving.
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    The police.....bleh! They always know how to kill the buzz.
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    Well either way there was "crack" involved.
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    This has the potential to be the best news story of 2009.
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    2009? u on crack? ;)
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    That was the attempt.
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    I guess she had ran out of batteries for the toy...
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    I definitely don't want to imagine that woman pleasuring herself in her car.
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    Yeah, that be one hot chick.
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    The passenger should be arrested too..

    The passenger should've been arrested too for being stupid enough to ride with a crack ho while she was getting herself off. :eek:
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    why doesn't these events get filmed on "COPS". I wish there was a tv show of just funny police incidents. and Reno 911 does not count lol.
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    Clearly getting pulled over was the climax of her day. :eek:

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