Driver banned for having world's most untidy car

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by edesignuk, Dec 22, 2008.

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    i thought my car was bad...
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    A grandmother of a friend of mine was a compulsive collector of useless stuff like old newspapers and empty cans, and she filled her tiny apartment with them. She could easily have been crushed by stacks of paper taller than she was, and the place was a fire hazard. Mental illness can do that to people. This woman was a hazard to other drivers so getting her off the road was necessary, but I hope she gets some help with the real problem.
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    Doctor Q - Yeah, some people have compulsive hoarding, where they can't throw anything away. Some interesting/horrible pictures; I think there was a thread on here a while ago about it.

    That car is downright dangerous, did she live in the car or something?
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    I saw a lady drive around in Florida that had the same car issue with some photos of some wolves on the windows. Maybe 6 months ago a few times. She didn't drive the same speed of traffic and had trouble changing lanes. I haven't seen her in a long time. I assumed she had no place to go and was living out of her car. It is so sad to see that.
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    Phil A.

    Nice headline, but I suspect the reason she was banned is because it was very dangerous for her to drive around in a car that she couldn't see out of rather than it just being untidy ;)
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    That is really bad. I could possibly understand if she was moving and transporting stuff from one house to another. Even then that is way too crowded. I feel out of sorts if their is a stray piece of paper in my car.

    One of my customers has this problem of collecting junk. His two story house is full of it. The place is just disgusting to walk into. So I just make sure to bring antiseptic hand cleaner with me when performing a repair.
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    thats the reason. it has nothing to do with tidiness but ability to drive safely on the road
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    After looking at the photo, I have to wonder how she could even fit in the car??? :eek: :confused:
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    Looks like she lived in it!
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    I've seen worse.

    There is this guy I see every so often that has an old junky escort wagon. Its filled to the brim with garbage and crap. He sticks tooth picks in the dashboard where there are gaps between plastic panels. Its disgusting.
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    That "newspaper" is a gem... :D :D :D
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    Certainly is ;)
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    I think this paragraph sums up the year (well at leat according to what e has reported) quite well :D

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    This must be from some sort of mental illness. I've seen several stories like this over the years and even have a neighbor down the street that has THREE vehicles (a van, an Impala station wagon and a Taurus sedan) filled up in exactly the same way.
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    Wow, that reminds me of this story I came across earlier today.
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    I don't see how she fit in the seat to drive!!

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