Driver need for Alba 10MP webcam for Mac ibook G4

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by bluefishJD, Dec 7, 2009.

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    Hi to all hope someone can help me here as i am now on my 3rd webcam in 2weeks. Have just purchased an Alba 10MP Webcam (from Argos Ireland) - which according to it's description is plug n play and Mac compatible but I've plugged it into my ibook and no go? The first one i bought was just windows compatible (my own fault for not reading description) 2nd one just couldn't get driver and with frustration just brought it back! and now on my third which has been the most expensive still can't locate drivers for it to work (put CD in but no go) So can anyone direct me to a site where i can download driver for this webcam for Mac ibook. Many thanks in advance.
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    Your iBook is probably too old to support the plug and play feature, what OS are you running, you could try upgrading to 10.5.8, or google for the manufacturers website to see if any support is offered,

    fyi, they might not make drivers for mac ;), drivers are a windows thing
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    cheers beanie - used to have a cheap n cheerful webcam working on my ibook but recently it fell and is now damaged hence buying the new one. The last one literally plugged in and worked? so suppose that is why i can't understand why this one which is mac compatible won't work - what do you mean by upgrading can i do this online or do i need to ship off laptop to get it re-gigged??? Using my imac "built in" at the moment but would be great to get webcam sorted for ibook as it handy rather than going upstairs to my office!! I know lazy but so much better to skype in front of the warm fire these days:)
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    i meant upgrading your operating system ;), plug and play is more software then hardware, as long as you have a spare USB slot, if your iBook has a cpu of more then 1Ghz and a gig of ram, it should run 10.5.8 quiet happily ;)
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    hey I understand that i would be upgrading OS but suppose my Qs is - is there a easy way to do this as in can i download upgrade or run mac updates or do i have to go back through Apple outlet to get this sorted? You say "it should run 10.5.8 quiet happily" but where do i source this from. Also think my ibook 10.3.9 just won't handle this new webcam. As you say ibook too old webcam too new? your help has been great and as we only really use ibook for skype (new imac for most tasks) don't want to go to expense of new mac book just to get a webcam working!!

    I suppose, i thought i might be able to source software that would run the camera by bring it down to my OS level?
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    i dont know about open source software that might get it working,
    if such a thing exists then it would be here Sourceforge

    as for your os 10.3 is very old, but if memory serves then your machine should be capable of running 10.5, could you pop up the " about this mac " screenie,
    what country are you in?, you should be able to find 10.5 install discs on ebay for not a lot of money
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    Very Old

    I'm in Ireland - can't open "About" window as i'm at work:( if i were to go onto ebay what exact discs should i be looking for - just Mac Os Upgrades? - I know my ibook is old hence my recent investment in a new imac but if i was able to upgrade my ibook to just continue using it for net and in particular the webcam with skype it would be great. Appreciate your advice anymore will be welcomed.
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    not sure if ireland uses the english ebay or have their own, but heres what you want,
    ebay link

    im guessing your new iMac is intel based not powerpc so you couldnt just carbon copy clone your OS from the iMac to the iBook
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    Ya we have our own but the way the sterling is at the moment usually buy from UK just checked my "about this mac" and it is 10.3.9 but it only 256 Mb built in which doesn't match up with the description on that ebay product! But thanks for advice on looking on ebay! as i just invested over 2k on new imac, sup'd it up because of my job so a new mac book pro ain't on the cards will just have to try and find an upgrade disc to suit my ibook G4? (am i correct in thinking this?) your help is very useful
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    hey beannie & co just wanted to say thanks for your advice found it useful but have resigned myself to the fact that my ibook is just old and will just have to drag myself to office upstairs to skype:) - may look further into ebay installation/upgrade discs sounds affordable! - thanks again

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