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Droid DNA

Discussion in 'Alternatives to iOS and iOS Devices' started by vmachiel, Nov 13, 2012.

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    I think my iPhone 5 might be for sale in about a week. I really hate Android's lack of updates on their phones and carrier bloatware but this just looks too good to pass up. I may have to just deal with it!
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    It's Verizon. Battery life will likely be terrible. S4 has thermal throttling issues, and 1080P may be superfluous. I'm interested to see how much better the screen looks in comparison to current offerings, though.

    Oh, and Sense. HTC needs to stop with Sense, it bogs down their phones.
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    BTW, Slashgear says you can put an AT&T SIM card in it, you just wont have LTE
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    from an Android forum

    "I'm at the press conference now, and they have a few phones running full video and after 2 hours battery is showing 94% remaining. They said battery should last more then a day for even power users. Also was given one to keep S will be testing that out over te next couple of days. This phone in person is amazing. The pictures don't do it justice. So thin and light."
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    A shame this wont come to Europe. Very nice looking device.
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    I hope HTC finally scores a hit. They need it badly. Maybe cross licensing with Apple will give them a bump as well.
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    Anyone want to explain to me how this is available before the Note 2?

    Also I had planned on getting this before I saw the Note 2 and still had a little chance of getting it. But small battery and no sd slot is a deal breaker. Sucks because I really like HTC
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    Battery may not be an issue. Read what I posted a few posts ago. Its available before the Note 2 because the Droid line is Verizon's baby. While still having a 5 inch display, its still smaller, thinner and lighter than the Note 2 and the display isn't even a contest, plus its $100 cheaper than the Note 2. I think Verizon fully expects it to sell better than the Note, so they want it out ASAP.
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    The DNA looks like a really sweet phone. I don't understand why HTC insists on limiting most of their new phones to 16gb of storage with no sd card. The DNA would really be great for movies and videos, but only 16gb is somewhat limiting.
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    Most people stream movies these days and most people arent walking around with 15 HD movies on their cell phones. I am sure HTC's R&D team have done their work. The new Nexus 4 doesnt have an SD card slot either and only offers 8 and 16GB of storage. Everything is moving cloud based.
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    You're right, 16 is probably enough, I know my last two phones have been 16GB, but I would like the option of an sd card. I would probably get this phone over the Note 2 because I prefer Sense over Touchwiz and HTC phones generally do better on reception than those from Samsung.
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    It's actually not thin at all, lol. I'll wait for the reviews for battery life reports
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    I know I haven't held every smartphone out there, but 9.8mm is thinner than the phone I'm currently using. To me if anything would make awkward to hold it would be the screen size not the thickness of the phone. To each his own though.
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    It looks really tapered, though, which is good for ergonomics.
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    It looks like the same form factor as the HTC 8X. If that was a windows phone I would most likely get it.
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    I'm a Nexus fan, but that thing looks absolutely sick. I'll believe good battery life when I see it.
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    This phone looks unreal. Based on history, is it likely that it will remain exclusive to Verizon forever? Is there any chance of an international version?
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    HTC says the model won't be, but that screen (and most likely the S4 Pro innards) will be. In Japan, it's known as the Butterfly J.
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    From the comments section of a DNA article on an android news site:

    NightAngel79 Mod poosh2010 • in 4 months −
    The battery life is amazing so far IMO. I've had this phone since Saturday morning putting it through its paces
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    NightAngel79 Mod jbo1018 • in 4 months −
    Easily can make it past a day without charging
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    NightAngel79 Mod poosh2010 • in 4 months −
    Battery life is amazing so far, Been playing with this phone for 4 days and been blown away by how well the battery lasts
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    Battery life is a non-factor honestly. I would have preferred SD slot or a 32gig model but meh... we'll see.

    I will have to change up the way I store stuff but for me the positives FAR outweigh the negatives. This phone is AMAZING

    NightAngel79 Mod nightscout13 • in 4 months −
    I know I've said it a bunch but seriously, battery life is phenomenal
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    NightAngel79 Mod WoodyGrape • in 4 months −
    I actually really love the power button placement. Very easy to use
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    review on XDA

    On battery:
    "At 2020 mAh, the battery seems a bit lacking for a 5” 1080p monster like the DROID DNA. Initially I was worried about its performance, but I've found it to be pretty respectable. Currently I'm at 42% battery left with 1d1h13m on the clock, Screen On for 1h33m, and Voice Calls for 30m. I'm guessing this is going to clock in right around 3 hours or so of Screen On time (with automatic brightness). "
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    3 hours of screen on time? That's awful. My iPhone 5 gets around 7 on Wi-Fi and LTE.

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