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Dropped air while packing for return!

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by ccsicecoke, Mar 19, 2012.

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    I was going to return the air and i have the label from Apple.

    Unfortunately I dropped it while I was packing it in Fedex. Now it still works fine, but there are sever dents and scratches on the corner.

    Will I still be able to return it and get full refund? I got two opposite answers from phone calls to apple. One suggest I go for apple care. Another one suggest I go ahead and proceed the return.

    Does anyone have experiences on returning damaged laptop?
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    Apple Care does not cover accidental damage, and since you damaged it, you will not be able to return it, as Apple will not accept the return, as it is damaged goods.
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    AppleCare and warranty don't cover damage from accidents. You can try, but don't hold your breath for a great outcome.
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    Goods need to be in original condition for return. My suggestion at this point is to try to sell it if you don't want it.
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    chances are slim that they will give a full refund for a dented MBA
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    I've never heard of Apple giving a full refund for a user dented machine but ya never know.
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    I say send it back - you never know what will happen. Worst case - you'll get it back or an offer of a partial refund.

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