Dropped my Air - dented. Somewhat repaired.

Discussion in 'MacBook Air' started by matthewHUB, Feb 18, 2008.

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    Hi all. Was carrying my Air in my messenger bag today and i slipped on the ice and my bag hit the floor. The air was inside a padded bubble envelope, and now the bottom left corner of the screen is bent and sort of folded in. myst have fallen hinge side down. It is rubbing against the bottom casing when i open/close it.

    It's within 2 weeks of me purchasing it. Any idea whether i could get it fixed/replaced/repaired? how would i go about doing it?

    I would post a pic but i don't know how. Thanks.

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    Apple doesn't cover accidental damage. You can get it repaired but you'll have to pay.
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    I'm not sure but you can probably return it and suffer a restocking fee...
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    Unless you have insurance I think you are out of luck. Sorry to hear you dinged your new MBA :(
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    Also, if you bought it with a credit card you can check with them to see if they provide any coverage.
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    can't i argue that it was due to the fact that there isn't an adequate case on the market that offers sufficient protection? i don't mind paying for it to be changed. but would it be repaired, or changed? i kind of want a new one as the bottom casing is getting scratched, and obviously repairs would cost more to replace th screen housing AND the bottom casing. I bought it in the US with a UK VISA credit card through Lloyds TSB (i'm a student studying in the US).

    any ideas how much a repair will be? can i just return it to them and pay the restocking fee even if it's damaged?
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    they will repair not replace...

    kind of like asking if the car dealership will give you a new car because you drove it off the lot, and ran it into a poll 2 weeks later..
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    Are you serious? Do you honestly think that Apple should fix it or replace it? Why is Apple responsible and not the owners of the concrete, the contractors who poured the concrete, or the City Government for not removing the ice.

    I mean honestly, it can't in any way be your fault.

    Moral relativism and the lack of personal responsability is the down fall of the West. It is a sad thing.
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    it's only really noticible under close scrutiny. i mean, a quick open and close and you wouldn't notice. it's only once you look from a birds eye view that you see it's warped on one side. Do you think if i took it to be restocked they'd even notice? Is that really wrong to do?

    NO i don't think they should, for free anyway. but i'd like to get it fixed and i'm wondering what the cheapest way is.

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    I don't think you can blame the damage on a lack of third party protection. I guess if you were carrying it in the original Apple box from the store, dropped it, and damaged it, you could blame inadequate packaging, but once its unsealed out of the box, Apple's only responsibility is problems due to manufacturing defects. I know how much it sucks to have something awful happen to something brand new; its happened to me before, but accidents happen.
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    Absolutely, don't you feel it is your fault and not Apple's?
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    so what do you think i should do?
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    From my experience, Apple will say that the whole screen has to replaced as they don't just fix any part of the screen, just replace, which won't be cheap. You said that it doesn't affect the functionality of the computer in anyway and isn't really noticeable so you'll probably have to just live with it. It'll be hard at first because your eyes will gravitate to that corner and it'll nag you for a few weeks but it'll pass. Or maybe wait a few weeks, check ebay for parts and replace it yourself. Ifixit.com has take apart guides.
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    something that's bothered me since i got it is that the screen sort of 'buckles' if you handle it in a certain way. i mean, it's so thin that the aluminum concaves. does this happen to everyone else? maybe i could get it replaced because of that...
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    I think the fact that you busted it up pretty much deep sixes your chance of returning it or having Apple do any work on it at no charge. I understand that you're bummed you busted up your new machine, but I think your only options are live w/it or pay for the repair.

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    any idea how much it'll cost?
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    Anytime you return something Apple made, they're going to take it to the Genius Bar to check it. I exchanged an ipod nano once for a high capacity and even then they took it to the Genius Bar for a check. They will notice the dent and any other complaints you have they'll blame it on that.
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    Not a clue. You'd probably have to take it to an Apple Store so they could see what part(s) would need to get replaced and give you an estimate.

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    Are you for real ! ! ! !

    Why don't you just accept responsibility for your actions instead of trying to slide one by Apple. There's a word for what you want to do. Actually, I can think of a couple!
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    Do you not have insurance? I accidentally damaged my laptop a few years ago, and was able to claim full replacement costs through my household insurance.

    If you don't have cover then, looking at the list of portable kit in your sig, you might want to consider it for the future.....
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    Apparently the reality distortion field also has some lesser know side effects.
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    hey if i were you i would inquire about insurance claim for the damage because if it bugging you it will never go away and it the screen of your laptop so that the part you use most !!!!!!!
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    As others have said insurance might be your best bet, it's got to be worth a try at least.
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    is everyone as disturbed reading this thread as i am ?

    your "best bet" :

    sell it on ebay or something - with a clear picture of the "not noticeable" damage - and you should be able to save a few bucks and get a new one - because obviously you dont want a damaged one (i dont completely blame you - especially after the price, and recent ownership)

    otherwise have someone "bend it back" send it to colorware or some place like that, and have it custom painted.
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    File a lawsuit for $54 million....ala Best Buy

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