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Dropped My Alu Macbook, Fk

Discussion in 'MacBook' started by Bwilky, Feb 19, 2009.

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    Well, I was on windows play Battlefield heroes and decided to walk up to my room with my lid wide open. Power cord in one hand, and the laptop in the other. While I was making the turn into my room, the cord got caught on the nob jolting my laptop onto the floor (carpet) and hitting my chair. First, I was in shock. Seriously, I just let it sit there. Then, I was like "FK, FK, FK" in my head. Then I cried a little in my head as well. Then I realized it was still on. I looked over my macbook, no scratches, lid closes nicely, no cracked glass, trackpad fine, fan still making noise as it was before the accident. So yeah, I pretty much want to wake up from this dream. If I see this post tomorrow, I know it's real. But yeah, ALWAYS CLOSE THE LID, AND HOLD ON FOR DEER LIFE!!!!. I can't stress this enough, don't end up like me.

    And yeah, I'm an idiot.
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    okay i wont
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    I would suggest using Disk Utility to Verify Disk because a HDD is not meant to be tumbled while on. You could have sustained some damage that you don't know about yet. Also, I suggest making and keeping a good backup for the same reason. -GDF
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    That sucks. Whenever I'm moving with my MacBook, I enable InsomniaX and go do what I gotta do.
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    Hard drive should be fine. Macbooks have the sudden drop sensor to park the head of the hard drive.
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    lol nice.
    cant believe its sill alive : O
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    That's what you get for using Windows; random crashes. :p
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    i almost dropped mine once..it was the scariest thing i ever did:(
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    Mine has taken an absolute beating. ;)

    Don't worry, it'll be fine.
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    Someone said this before "It's like the Mac Angel was there" She totally saved my baby. Not a scratch to be found. But then again, maybe if I look under the cover it's gonna look like a nuke went off.

    LOL! You could make a pretty good alt with that. Picture of a laptop flying out of someones hands, bluescreen on the screen, then just say "That's what you get for using Windows; random crashes". Totally awesome!!

    I was in shock, I just sat there on my knees in shame.
    Yeah hopefully.
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    Chase R

    SSD time??? lol glad to here that it's okay. I always shut the lid and wait for the sleep light to come on (HDD not spinning) whenever I move mine.
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    Glad to see it is ok but open Disk Utiltiy and look for the smart status. it should be on the bottom where there is all the text with info about the drive. it is on the right and it is the third from the top of the text at the bottom of the window. If it says S.M.A.R.T Status: Verified it is good but if it says S.M.A.R.T Status:Failing you need to make a backup quick but even if you see that it is ok back it up anyway
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    [​IMG] :D
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    Glad it's okay OP - just as well it was aluminium or you'd have a cracked case!

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    Battlefield Heroes? ZOMGZ!
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    rofl what?
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    I was bored.
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    Hes holding onto deer life
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    Wow, good thing nothing serious happened. Weird, I would've thought the magsafe would've pulled out before jerking the computer.
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    It did, but the jerk from the cord around the doorknob and me holding it sent my macbook out of my hands.

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