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Dropped My iPhone 3G in the Toilet

Discussion in 'iPhone' started by Che Castro, Jul 20, 2010.

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    By accident ofcourse

    Should I get the iphone 3GS for only $100 and wait a few Months till maybe they fix the Antenna issue?
    I called Every Store Near me and there all out of iphone 4's till a couple of weeks anyway

    the iphone 3G wont turn on,I have apple care but i dont hink they cover water damage
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    dont try and turn it on. get a tupperware fill it with rice put your iphone in it then put the lid on for 24 hrs. then try and turn it on. my sister did the same thing to her iphone and this make it at least usable.
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    It will need more than 24 hrs. It will probably need about a week.

    Have you tried to turn it on? If so then its probably done for. If not there might be hope for it... the battery is dead so you will need to replace it.

    I guess you could sell it on eBay for parts and just get a 3GS replacement if you want.
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    I wouldn't get the 3Gs personally. you would be locking yourself into a 2yr contract with older technology phone. I wouldn't count on there being any "fix" for the 4. maybe go ahead and try it out and see, some people are nto having any issues due to their signal strangth in the area.

    the other option you have would be to take it to the apple store. no they do not cover water damage, BUT! you can pay them $199 and give them your old water logged phone and get a refurbished iphone 3G without extending your contract.
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    Get the iPhone 4, the antenna thing is not nearly as big a deal as some of the people on here like to make it seem. If you believe people on here you would think the phone will explode if you bridge the gap.
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    Tito Georgie

    Just because of the 3GS screen makes me say NO don't get it, iPhone 4 it is.
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    Get the iPhone 4 and put a case on it. I haven't had any problems since I got my iFrogz luxe case.
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    That's crappy! Sorry could not resist.......
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    oh snap! A SquareTrade warranty will cover this (for future reference).
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    too late I tried turnin the phone on a few times

    The apple logo came on but then it shut off

    ok im going to order the iphone 4

    but what Can i use till then? cause its going to take a while for delivery

    can i take the sim card out of the iphone 3g and use it in my old razor prepaid phone?
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    cocky jeremy

    Mike, is that you?
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    Go with the iPhone 4. If your going to get locked into a 2 YR contract at least let it be w/ the best phone.
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    Yes. Meanwhile, leave your iPhone in the rice indefinitely. A week from now you might just find it's working. If you're handy or know a geek who is, you can find online tips for disassembling the iPhone into two pieces, which can be left in the rice for more effective drying. I did this when my wife's iPhone went into the toilet and it worked.

    Don't wait for an iPhone with "fixed" antenna. There won't be one. The current batch is not as bad as you hear IMHO.
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    Did you drop it in a clear water toilet or was it completely filled with stuff at that time?
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    Yes but if the phones been tried to turn on a few times the rice trick probably won't work.

    if you do try the rice trick do not put it on the charger till you are done leaving it in the rice.
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    was there anything else in the toilet?
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    Che Castro.

    Quite the handle Sir
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    A question I had, myself!!!
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    YMMV. My wife's iPhone could not be turned off after it got wet. It was on for a long time while wet and was still resuscitated.
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    The rice has to be cooked though. Make sure you use a little olive oil and salt too
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    Yeah, uh, don't do that lol
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    did you ask this guy for it back??

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    True. guess i should have been more clear if its on leave it on if its off leave it off.
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    lol luckily no

    so i just put the sim card in the razor phone and it will work or do i have to call AT&T?

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