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Dropped my ipod, return it saying battery is defectived?

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by Salincer, Apr 22, 2008.

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    So yea...sleeping while driving down the road...woke up, seen a nice car for sale (car shopping also), and didnt reliaze what was on my lap. So there it went. Boom. on the asphault (</3 asphault). But anyway. I tried to keep that baby as nice as i could. I bought a front + back screen protector from some company online. i like the protector and all....yea. The black sides on the ipod is not covered by the protector. Anyway, should i take it back to Best Buy saying the battery is really bad on it, asking for another. Also..ive had it for 2 months, bought the extended warranty. So i was just wondering. Will Best Buy make me send it to apple since its still in warranty or what. IF someone has done this with Best Buy, or something similar, Please Post. Thanks,
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    they will replace the battery and give you your old ipod back...
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    i see them going into the back and replacing it???

    Maybe i can catch an employee that is stupid and he will let me go trade one in ?
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    Or, man up, grow a pair, and learn how to take responsibility for your actions.
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    under a year it's all Apple

    Seen it way too many times, Best Buy will tell you that the iPod is covered by Apple, go to an Apple Store and let them see the iPod, they will either cover it or not, under 2 months expect to have them do a battery test, leave it for 24-48 hrs. This is where Best Buy gets you, if Apple switches out your ipod your serial number changes, so if a year later you have problems Apple will say out of warranty and Best Buy will say the swapped ipod isn't covered since the serial number is different.

    Hope for a nice genius at the bar and don't drop the next one.

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    You ain't got a hope in hell. How many idiots do you think have tried this?

    Then ask yourself how many have actually got away with it. I'll let you in on a little secret, the answer is less than 1.

    The member of staff will look at it straight away and be able to tell that it was dropped.
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    haha they will not. Its not that badly scratched. you haveto look at it pretty hard to find it now (SHARPIE FTW!) but yea. Just wondering. Maybe ill find a bigger problem with it one day...and wait till the apple warrenty runs out, then take it back to BB.
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    or let the multi-million dollar making company take responsibility for it
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    Make Apple pay for your stupidity ?

    Next time buy a Zune and have that multi-million dollar making company pay for it, oh yeah where are the Microsoft/Windows retail stores.

    Ever get a flat tire from a nail or curb ? Maybe you should get that multi-million dollar company to pay for new tires then.

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    So, just because they make money, it's okay to defraud them? Nice morals.
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    hey what will it hurt to try? if you get away with it, GG! But not...whats the worst that can happen, they take my ipod hostage and never give it back? Remove it off APPLE warrenty?
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    Ethics and responsibility really aren't words that are in your vocabulary, are they? Just because you can doesn't mean you should.
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    Actually, you know what. lets just close this thread. If apple dont replace it, then oh well. ill wait untill apple warrenty expires, then kick in the Best Buy warrenty. And if im victorius, Yay!, that extended warrenty was worth it. IF not, then oh well, ill find another problem with the thing. But good day to you people, and thank god for extended warrenty!:rolleyes:
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    Slighty scratched ipod < Getting a new one free

    or maybe its different for people who are Applefreaks

    Slighty scratched ipod > Cheating the company that makes millions of dollars not only by ipods, but even the 99c itunes store :)
    Just because you find 100$ on the floor doenst mean you can pick it up
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    Grats on the personal responsibility. You're a beacon for us all.
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    /High Five
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    I'm wondering, how profitable does a company have to be before it is OK for you to steal from them? Would you steal from a family owned business? Or does have to have multiple locations? Retail outlets, maybe? Or perhaps they have to be over the million dollar mark?

    OK, makes total sense. Then it is OK. :rolleyes:
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    It doesn't matter if it's a small family owned business, or a huge company like Apple. What you're doing is basically stealing, and unless you have no morals or ethics, you should know stealing is wrong and unlawful, and that you shouldn't even attempt it, even if you can get away with it.

    I don't assoicate with people like you, because if they're dishonest to a company, how do I know they won't be dishonest to me?
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    Figure it out for yourself, it is under a limited warranty, but man up, get a case that covers the damage, and move on.

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