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Dropped my PowerBook...

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by mikehowett, Nov 5, 2006.

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    On my way home from work the other day I slipped and dropped my mint condition PowerBook:(

    The damage was limited to the front right corner as shown by the pics:


    Everything still works, including the superdrive, but as far as i can see every part of the case is damaged:( Was the first time I had taken it out the house too, words can't describe how annoyed I was:mad:

    Anyway, I assumed it'd be rather expensive to repair so I ordered myself a new 17" C2D MBP. What I want to know is what can I do with the PowerBook?? Sell the whole thing on eBay? Take it to bits and sell it like that? Any suggestions welcome:)
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    Make a really thin desktop out of it.:p
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    Give it to me for free so I can use it as a Media Server :p Pleeeeeeeeeeeeease...
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    how high was the fall / how tall are you?
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    Can you make a claim on your household insurance policy for accidental damage?

    Failing that i would sell the whole unit on Ebay explaining the damage and showing the damage with pictures so the buyer knows exactly what he/she is getting.

    You may well be pleasently surprised how much you get for it on Ebay!

    Better luck with the macbbook Pro - i bet that won't leave home. ;-)

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    The backpack it was in fell off my shoulder, must have fallen at least a metre and the corner took the full force.
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    Tried the insurance route, unfortunately our policy doesn't cover laptops:( only desktops:rolleyes:
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    And that is one of the reasons why I bought an iBook.
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    Major ouch, man. Major ouch.

    I'd use it as a server... it still works great. :)
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    Ouch. Was it in a case or sleeve at the time? Or just bare in the backpack?
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    Was in a Tucano second skin as well as a Radtech Power Sleevz.
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    Just think of the new gaps and holes as improved ventilation. In reality, your Powerbook is now better than it used to be. :rolleyes: Sorry, if that annoys you, but at least you can afford to replace it with a MBP.
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    I feel for ya, I really do. Continental took my small case off me as i boarded one of those USA regional jets. My PBG4 was in a Aino sleeve, in a laptop case, wrapped in t-shirts and in the case. From the state of my laptop after the flight, it looks as if they simply threw it off the moving gangway!

    Anyway, long and short of it is that I got a repair quote from an Apple authorised service provider for £1550!!!! ...cos the inverter had gone and the case was badly damaged.

    Im doing the same as yourself in buying a new Macbook Pro and I also have the same dilemma about what to do with my Powerbook! I took it apart last week to see if I could figure out where the inverter was ...cos its a terrible waste!

    I guess itll just be a future project. I couldnt stick it on eBay and get a fraction of its worth!
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    i got a minor dent in mine but it bugged me so i sent it off to the repair centre courtesy of my insurance company to get the case replaced

    my insurance company said it was beyond econimcal repair!!!! so are sending a brand new mbp

    i asked if i could buy the powerbook 15 1.67 back off them too and they said yes - 150 quid! bargain!

    so where can i get a new lower case in the uk?? will apple store repair it?

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