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[DS Lite] eWin Rumble Pack?

Discussion in 'Games' started by mkrishnan, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Hi everyone,

    There are several reviews of an eWin rumble pack (rumble pak?) that was released in the recent past, is inexpensive, is quieter than the Nintendo one, and is white. :D

    Does anyone have one? Recommendations, particularly vs. getting the official Nintendo one used, for about $7-8 shipped, via Amazon and then spray painting it white?

    This is the product in question:


    Does anyone know of a source for it in the US?
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    This has always seemed like a slighty bad idea to me. I can just see some stupid kid getting the DS shaken out of his hand and it falling to the ground and breaking. Rumble is just not something I need in a portable system.

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    Is the rumble really that powerful? Somehow that scenario doesn't seem likely to me... but then I'm not sure how much I would love it, either. I think rumble is great with consoles. I'm not sure that I can recall a time I dropped the controller because of it. Although I like the subtle and multi-level vibration that the Dual Shock controllers did better than, say, what N64 controllers do.
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    I've used a rumble pack with a DS Lite and I never worried about it falling out of my hand. I would say it is equivalent, maybe even less, intensity to a cell phone vibration. All it does is give a small amount of feedback to the user, it doesn't shake the unit violently.

    The rumble pak I used with a DS Lite was designed for the original DS and so was longer and hung out past the edge of the DS Lite. I have been looking around in stores and am surprised at how difficult it is to find a rumble pak specifically for the Lite.

    If you find a reseller in the US, let me know.
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    I see a lot of them around here. I just don't want to mess with it....I play a lot of games that turn the thing sideways and what not too though AND it's really hot (so I'm already sweaty on top of everything else)....to me it seems a recipe for disaster...plus won't it drain batteries?

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    I doubt theres room in there for it, but I would have loved a built in rumble system. perhaps even a Nunchuck style gyro in there for some nifty Wii playing.

    VC controller need(s/ed?) rumble :(
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    Yeah, the reviews also point out the problems with the Nintendo one. I guess I'll have to hunt for the eWin one / wait and see if they start selling them in the US. A couple of the websites link places you can supposedly buy one and they don't seem to work. They don't seem to be out on eBay either. Thanks, guys! :)

    EDIT: $15 shipped to the US from here: Link

    Available in black and white. I'll give it some thought. I might snap one up.

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