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DS Lite UK; You can have any colour you want...

Discussion in 'Games' started by Dagless, May 22, 2006.

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    ... So long as it's black. (or white)

    yes siree bob. We are getting the BLACK DS LITE on June 23rd!


    Rather iPod/MacBook like no?

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    At a slightly comfortable price of £99. Not the £80 equivalent the US will pay. but it's not too bad given VAT and that. Although mainland Europe will be paying the equivalent of ~£125. oh dear there. but at least they're showing a bit of love for us brits, for once.
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    I was under the impression that they were releasing the DS Lite in early June, or is that just the white one?
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    xe.com says:
    149.00 EUR Euro = 101.409 GBP

    so it's not so far off ;)

    actually the price is ok but it could be lower ... it's the original DS price from a year ago so it don't think it's a bad deal (i found it more surprising that the lite launched for the current DS price in the US)

    luckily my birthday is on the 15th of july so i guess i'm gonna make myself an early present ;)
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    Australia is lucky with the DS lite release, we're getting it on the 1st of June and its at $199 or 83 pounds :) Normally its late to hit our shores. However I probably will hold of buying this as the current DS is working great and I'm getting a micro for go every where gaming :D
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    that is awesome news. i was on the verge of importing one. i think i can hold out another month though. shiny white one all the way. unless they call it obsidian black. then that would just sound cool.

    EDIT: thinking about it. the black might offer a better frame for play, not being as distracting as the white. decisions decisions.
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    Yup! One of the reasons why I chose a Dell monitor over the ACD. The black case is just hidden from sight.
    I think though, the white version looks a pinch better but the black will be more practical. Black for me.

    What colours are Australia and America getting?
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    Keep in mind though that black reflects the sunlight more vibrantly, or was it the other way around?

    Edit: It looks like Australia will just be getting white, knowing Nintendo Australia their will be coloured versions later on.
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    Great News! I've been waiting for DS Lite be release in Europe for a long time. compare to the price on eBay UK, £99 is a big suprise. :D I will get a white one with New Super Mario Bros. when they comes out.
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    No, black absorbs sunlight, white reflects it. That's why, when in the desert, you wear white.
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    I think they both look good but I'd get the white one. The black one is appealing, unlike the Black MacBook. I think it's the glossy-ness that the MB doesn't have.
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    At the moment their servers are down, theres just that much interest in the Lite!
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    Man this stinks. I was fine with getting the white one at launch, but the black is way better... and yet not coming out in Aus for what may be ages.
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    The white one gets me....i want the white one but i'm not in the U.K:)

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    The black one's are awesome exactly what I wanted can't wait to get one will probably pre-order!

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    LOL! It'll go with the new macbook ;) You should get around the same time, TNT deliver :D
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    Black for me

    Dark border makes screens more visible, and with the new brighter LCDs, it's going to make a superior gaming machine! And then Opera coming out too? Seems almost too good to be true!:D
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    Damn it. It's bad enough she's on daytime tv - filling up the airways with her tripe, let alone to have her on our DS's too... :p
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    That's Oprah. LOL
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    I know but it was worth a laugh :D :D :D :D
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    Hey MacRumorUser you might have the answer to this seeing as you live in Ireland. Do amazon charge the full 21% VAT on purchases for us here in Ireland or do they leave it at 17.5%? If it was cheaper for me I'd get the Lite off amazon.
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    Paddy, Amazon do charge us 21%.

    If ye add an item to the shopping basket, when you go to checkout, you'll notice price is updated to take into account the extra 4.5%

    Sucks I know... :eek:
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    I'm in the U.S., but I'm going to go get a DS Lite on June 11 when they come out here. I haven't had a Nintendo handheld since Game Boy Color, so I'm so freakin' excited.

    Apparently, they have a finish that smudges very, very easily. I think this will make me go with the white.


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