Dual 1.42 G4??

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by KingDanimus, Jun 29, 2003.

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    Hey All,
    I have seen advertised a dual 1.42ghz processor system. Why is it that this system is not offered through Apple?

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    You may find that Apple no longer have them in their online store, but you can bet that many retailers, and Apple stores will still have many their itching to get shot of.
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    Reason its not being sold

    Is there any reason why this processor isnt being offered by the store if it is indeed faster than the 1.25?
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    Are you kidding? I pressume you are aware of the G5?
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    Money is a very big issue for me as is time. I need the machine by mid-August for less than those machines are going for.
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    Re: Money

    That's fair enough, but I thought it was pretty obvious why the G4 PM is no longer there. As I said, if you want a G4 you will probably be best to call up local Apple Store/Resellers, they must have some left.
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    G4 is still available.

    The G4 is still certainly available on the apple website. My question was pretaining to the faster G4 than the one currently offered. I simply dont have enough money or time for a G5 so its not like I have choice in the matter. However my question was answered in a prior posting.
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    Re: Dual 1.42 G4??

    You can purchase a G5 at Apple's store with no payments until 2004 or 6 months same as cash. Why not go that route?

    Anyway, dealers that still have the 1.42 dual processor G4 are listed here:


    Also mind you, the 1.42 dual processor G4 will never be able to boot into Mac OS 9, while the 1.25 dual processor available at Apple's store now does boot into Mac OS 9. The bluetooth built-in and Firewire 800 capable G4s can't boot into Mac OS 9, and neither can the G5. If you still are relying on Mac OS 9 native applications, find alternative Mac OS X native applications here: http://www.macmaps.com/macosxnative.html

    as running Mac OS 9 under X in either Classic, or booting into Mac OS 9 will require you repair permissions while in X to ensure smooth running of Mac OS X applications. If you need to know how to repair permissions, just ask.
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    Re: G4 is still available.

    Oh ok, sorry m8, I couldn't even see the G4 PM when I had a *quick* look :rolleyes: :)

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