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Dual 1.42 Heatsink Picture

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by iJon, Mar 18, 2003.

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    Well i walked by one being worked on here and I was like, what the hell that is different. So here is a picture of it. You can go to apple's site to see what the 1Ghz and Dual 1.25's heatsink looks like.


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    is this the image you had in mind? it looks like the sinks are missing there.

    dang, that heat sink is funky on the 1.42! it looks like some exotic wood almost. what's it made of?
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    Looks like copper.
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    Yea, the new one is copper with horizontal plates.

    The old one is aluminum(?) with vertical plates.

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    your right, apple doesnt show it. here you go.


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    Ah, thanks iJon, it looks like they had one on the main site after all, but not too good.

    i knew they were copper, but it's really shiny in your pic, and the way it's cut makes it look like wood cut across the grain... i dunno, it was striking.
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    no no its suppose to look like that. its not one huge copper block. its a bunch of skinny copper layers welded together with spaces in between them.

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    even the new ones are aluminum. The sigle ghz and dual 1.25's have that power supply. the dual 1.42's have the new copper one. i dont know if you knew that and that was the point you are making. i just wanted to make sure.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    Thanks ijohn, i dont mean to sound negative but i think this is a perfect example of apple squeezing every last drop out of motorolas g4 to stay on the same page as the 3 gig p4. They have resorted to 2 cpus and a massive copper heat sink. It is time for the 970 if not the next will be a water cooled overclocked g4.Its almost getting ridiculous.
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    on the sides, yes, i see. damn those are close together! but i was talking about the one on the top when i said it was smooth. wow, that's a cool heat sink. is it not noisy, as close as they are together?
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    i doubt they will watercool. that is mondo expensive, and they shouldn't need to on the 970, i believe it draws less power.
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    for equal speeds, but let's hope we have higher speeds. ;)
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    No, that kind of heat sink is copper, with very close-together plates, because copper conducts heat better than aluminum. It's comparatively expensive for heat sinks. The amount of heat they are trying to dissipate must be truly phenomenal. I agree with "Don't Hurt Me", it shows that Apple is desperate to wring every bit of performance out of the G4.

    Don't touch it if the computer's been running, BTW!
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    Yes, I was aware of that. Just didn't say it very well.

    I guess I should have said the new heatsink design vs. the old heatsink design... ;)
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    didnt turn it on, just saw it open being worked on. ask law guy, he has one.

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    Here's a pic of a Dual 1.25 (FW 800) and 1.42 from the inside.
    I have the 1.25, and a friend of mine has the 1.42. We had been playing multiplayer games, and wanted to compare the two interiors.
    It was kinda late, so sorry for the pic not being perfect :)

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    Extra info...

    Some extra info:
    Notice indeed the two different heatsinks.... The 1.25 is on the left.
    By the way, the 1.25 has a ATI Radeon 8500 installed. The 1.42 has the standard 9000. My 9000 is installed in a G4 500 Mhz (seen on the ground)
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    Mr. Anderson

    Nice comparison pic. From the looks of it, the copper one is a little bit smaller - probably radiates the heat faster and the aluminum one couldn't do the job.

    Very weird. But with a probable new mobo and case design for the 970s, who knows what we'll see with them.

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    I wonder if the copper heat sinks are properly coated or if they're going to turn green.

    Make sure you don't scratch the coating on the heatsinks.
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    We also tried to "listen" to differences. And it 'sounds" like that the 1.42 is somewhat quieter than my 1.25!
    That's good news isn't it?

    edit: well not for me, obviously. :D
  21. acj
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    copper used to be just for PC geeks who overclocked a lot

    But now it's in a mac. Come on release the 970!


    I remember my PC overclocking days. I just needed little aluminum heatsinks and I could get my dual celeron 400 up to 600. 50% overclocks seem to be impossible now. Man that machine screamed for its time and for being a cheap system. I used to render a 3dsmax scene, burn a cd and play quake3 all at the same time just to, well, be a nerd.
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    Re: copper used to be just for PC geeks who overclocked a lot

    that's pretty impressive for a celeron, even dual.

    my 933 MHz P3 would have locked up with just Quake and CD burning, even with the 512 MB RAM
  23. acj
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    Wait, does anyone have a bigger photo? Since the fins are stacked horizontaly they must have heatpipes running vertically. Heat pipes transfer heat about 100 times faster than metal. Really. Combined with copper they make one helluva efficient cooler. However, this just confirms that this is being pushed to its limits.

    Why do I say this? Well I own a gaming PC with a hot pentium 4 2.4 GHz. It's cooled by a heatpipe setup with a much much smaller Aluminum heat sink. When I'm not doing anything intensive, it doesn't even need a fan to stay cool and stable.
  24. acj
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    Re: Re: copper used to be just for PC geeks who overclocked a lot

    Maybe Windows NT was more stable. The thing barely worked at 600MHz, but at 400 it never locked up.

    I don't currently own a dual cpu computer but I miss it! Dual is so much better than single. I may choose a dual G4 over a single 970 if the price was the same and even if the 970 performed somewhat better. Dual CPUs just make the computer SEEM faster. I guess it's more responsive.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    Duals are faster then a single . this is really true when running multiple stuff. Apple didnt start using duals because of this. they used them because motorola was frozen. they had to have something to market. You cant just keep selling 400 or 500 mhz machines forever. this is why they went dual. a dual 500 is not better then a single 1 giger this is fact. When the 970 shows itself it wont need a dual configuration. it is going to smoke any current dual everywhere. Now apple could still make a dual 970 but right now i dont see them needing it with a 970. we will have to wait and see how they compare in real world, xbench, photoshop, game frame rates and then we will know for sure. Duals where brought to market by apple because motorola wasnt moving forward and apple is a very forward company.

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