Dual 1GHz P/Book's

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by brad, Dec 16, 2002.

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    Can anybody suggest when we are likely to see P/Books with a Dual 1 GHz processor?
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    When the heat output and power consumption of the CPUs allow for being used in a portable form factor...

    ...and by then the chips will most likely be much faster than 1 GHz. :)
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    That does seem to be the problem... but isn't Apple working on new cooling strategies for the PB series as well? Thought I read that here a while ago.

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    I'd love to be proved wrong, but I stronly suspect we won't be seeing dual processor laptops from Apple anytime soon. Why?
    • Cost (The PB is already pretty expensive)
    • Battery Life (I suppose you could deactivate one processor while off the mains)
    • Heat (It's a challenge to keep PB cool ATM)
    • Case size (An extra processor would increase motherboard size/complexity)
    • R&D expense (G4 is coming to end of its life, why introduce duel in PB now?)
    I suggest a more sensible approach for the PB is to have one faster processor which is clocked at different speed on battery v. mains. I look forward to seeing a new processor line in the PB (hopefully within a year).
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    Mr. Anderson

    To see more than one processor in the TiPB, I'm thinking you're going to have to wait until a suitable multi-core 970 comes out, which probably won't happen until 2004 - but like Rower mentioned, by then it will be much more than just 1 GHz.

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    ... we hope ...
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    Mr. Anderson

    If we have to wait for 2004 to see something significantly better than the current offerings - well, it has to be more than 1 GHz, there is no way that Apple could keep the current config stalled for over a year.

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    Does anyone really think there will be a dual processor laptop made by anyone ever? Maybe I don't knoe enough, but it seems like it will not happen anytime soon.
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    new material

    how 'bout a Carbon Fiber PowerBook? Mmm... lightweight, moldable, carbon fiber. Improved AirPort reception, good heat dissipation, strong covering.

    Of course, this is completely pulled out of my nether regions.
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    And just as expensive!

    In reply to the first post: You and what heatsink?
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    I don't think dual processor notebooks in general is a good idea.

    People who need real CPU power should simply go for cheaper/powerful/expandable desktops. I use a couple of desktops and TiBooks and they each have different roles in my professional life.

    I personally would like to have long battery life and portability. Aren't they what notebooks are about? Speed is not the first priority for sure.

    Maybe Apple should develop fast one AND slow one with better portability.

    I don't know any existing dual processor notebook computers, but I know there used to be a car called Amazoness with 4 engines (1 for each wheel, total of 10,000cc). Long time ago in Brazile I think. It was a shortlived car ;)
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    but who thought the tibook would ever get a superdrive?

    duals are definitely on the way...it's the next logical step...that or a G5 or 970 powerbook:D
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    Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    uhmm... never?
    -too expensive
    -they are never gonna get that small to integrate with less heat
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    Re: Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    "Never say never" ;)

    I don't think anyone here can honestly say what the CPU industry will or won't be able to do in the coming years.

    CPU die sizes are getting smaller and smaller, so it's only a matter of time.
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    Re: Re: Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    sez who??

    on the pc side, yes

    but on the mac side, we like large die sizes, taking up more voltage, and thus producing more heat to keep us warm

    just think, moto is doing a service in providing heat as well as processing power:D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    Talk to me again in the summer. ;)

    Although, it doesn't get all that warm or cold up by Monterey. How have the storms been treating you guys?
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    kicking our butt

    first a cold front and freezing rain

    then a tropical front and wind from hades

    in my other job doing landscaping and gardening, it's a lot of damage control time when the whole thing subsides

    in my techie job, i hope nothing happens...i have warned all my clients to back up, which i know they don't, and have a power strip or even a ups

    even i don't have a ups yet...it would be nice to have 20 minutes to close down all windows and work if the power went out...so far, in my electrical zone, no power outtages...cross my fingers

    our last big storm made its way to towards so cal...did it get you and was is offendingly cold?:p
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    Mr. Anderson

    You will see dual processor and more laptops eventually, but remember, even with the 970 the extra processors will all be on the same chip - it will just have multiple cores.

    As for a dual CPU with 2 separate chips? Well, that seems less likely given the energy/heat/space constraints with todays technology.

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    i could live with that:D
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    Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Dual 1GHz P/Book's

    Temps were normal, and we got an inch or so of rain (we're still an inch behind for the year).

    The next one should get us back into the positive for rainfall when it hits tonight/tomorrow.

    The one thing I'm concerned about is driving up north on Sunday...mountains should have snow by then...good thing I have chains for the truck. :)
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    Wet. (duh)[​IMG]

    I just got power back from being out since Saturday so not so good for me.
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    And I personally think that it took TOO long to get the SuperDrive Powerbook. Heck, the iBook should have a SuperDrive option (and a G4 as well).
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    Mr. Anderson

    ha, that's an understatement - I'd love to have a dual core 970 in my TiPB. That probably won't happen until late 04 or 05 if they even end up putting 970s in PowerBooks or their successor.

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    That really sucks...

    The one big problem down here is that nothing is set-up for drainage...so we have puddles that stay around forever.

    Also some old trees lose branches or fall over, etc.

    Bigger news lately is this huge water main that broke in an affluent community:
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    make it like this in january 2003

    ibook cd...899 or 949 us dollars
    ibook combo 1199
    ibook 14" inch large screen with combo 1299
    ibook superdrive regular screen 1399
    ibook superdrive 14" inch large screen 1499

    and extra ram with additional cost in bto options

    and also more for the 32 MB video card option

    and make a fully decked out 14" inch ibook no more than 1799

    just my 2 cents

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