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Dual ADC Quartz Extreme Video Card Options?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by arn, Nov 6, 2003.

  1. arn
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    What options do I have if I want Quartz Extreme enabled on by two ADC monitors?

    I think I need an AGP card with ADC and DVI that supports dual head display.

    Is Apple the only place these cards exist? I suppose I could also use a dual DVI and get another adapter.

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    Just set up a system yesterday, 2 23" Cinemas on a G5 with the 9800. You need the DVI 2 ADC connection, retail around $150. Pretty cool, I wish I personally could afford another 23"
  3. arn
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    yeah... but let's assume I'm not buying a G5 at the moment. ;)

    I don't think you can get the Radeon w/ ADC not from Apple.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    does ati have any idea how many mac users are waiting for a top notch adc video card? Im wanting one also but for another reason but 2 monitors would be cool.
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    Won't the Radeon 9000 work?
    Affordable, and has an ADC and DVI output. Just need a DVI to ADC adapter.
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    wrc fan

    You can get a GeForce 4 MX with both ADC and DVI at Other World Computing for $70
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    Ill sell you my oem geforce 4MX that came with my Qs933, though Im sure you dont want it when ou could get a new one for so cheap.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    geforce4 mx??radeon 9000? those cards are ok but not top notch by any stretch of the imagination, my 2.5 yr old geforce 3 can match those clowns how about a nice ati 9800xt with ADC ati???? ati is there anyone home???
  9. arn
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    I guess that's the issue... can't seem to get an ADC out card from ATI.

    these seem to have both adc and dvi from OWC:

    ATI 9000 64MB

    GeForce 4MX 32MB

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    The 9000 is probably your best bet.

    Unless you want a GF4Ti. Only $399 at the Apple Store. :eek:
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    Instead of shelling out for a 23" or worse still twin 23"s. Buy a projector, and the size is only limited by the size of your wall.
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    The problem with LCD projectors is resolution. They get pricey real quick when you get above XGA (1024x768).

    Plus, bulb life and replacement is a big issue.

    Projectors are cool for occasional use, but not for day-to-day computing.
  13. arn
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    My decision...

    I bought the Geforce 4 Ti (ADC + DVI) from Apple - $399. Costly.... but....

    The GeForce 3 ADC version that I'm replacing fetches a nice price on eBay. ($300-$400) since it's the fastest card that still fits into a Cube.

    Hopefully will come close to breaking even... and will have Quartz Extreme on two monitors.

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    Dont Hurt Me

    just saw this,thats a great card but very overpriced. there is a market for a great adc card and currently the one you bought is at the top since Ati never really made a Mac 9800 only gave us the pc card with the words made for mac, the open gl stuff is great but a mac card without adc is not a mac card.
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    Dont Hurt Me

    did you say what i thought you said about a geforce3 adc??? thats what iam using ,hmm any cube owners out there?

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