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    At the moment I've got a DualBand Airport Extreme with two Airport Expresses bridging on either the 2,4 or the 5 Ghz channel.

    Can I replace them with one Airport Extreme which bridges both channels?

    As in:
    One Extreme transmits both 2,4 and 5Ghz networks, and the other one connects and extends both channels?
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    Yes, sure. I don't see why it wouldn't work.

    I would position the second "bridge" AEBS far enough away to extend range as effectively as possible, but close enough so that both 2,4 and 5Ghz bands are still detected by the bridge with enough signal to maintain a solid connection.

    If feasible, I'd run Ethernet between the two. Effective speeds while bridging over Gigabit Ethernet would be faster than bridging over WiFi.
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    Yes you can do this
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    I've rethought my advice on using Ethernet to make the bridge. There would be one caveat: The bridge router would be using its own SSID, not necessarily extending the original. This may cause some confusion as to which SSID to use from time to time.

    The speed advantage, however, still stands.
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    :confused: I had my Airport Extreme and Time Capsule connected by Ethernet and sharing an SSID just fine, though I have yet to replace the Time Capsule after its power supply died.

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    Oh, cool. In this case, it's nice to be mistaken.

    Insert the "The More You Know" JPG here. :)
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    Thanks guys.

    I've just bought a new AirPort Extreme and I'm testing my config now.

    At the moment the Base Station is set to 5ghz N - 2,4N only
    And the Bridge Station is connected to join and extend the current network.

    Now of to testing it is ;-)

    But first: firmware upgrades..

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