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Dual boot snow leopard on my new mac

Discussion in 'OS X Mountain Lion (10.8)' started by mr477, Apr 9, 2013.

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    Hi, I've just got a new mac with mountain lion on it, and I want to partition the hard drive with snow leopard so I can play old games on it. I have the cd for snow leopard, how to I install it on the new partition?
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    You can't. The oldest version of OSX that you can boot into, is the version that came with your Mac. Snow Leopard does not have the kexts needed for the new chipsets that come in the new macs, so it simply will not boot up.
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    That's a bit annoying.


    So is there any way to use power pc programmes on mountain lion?
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    Google search PowerPC Emulator.
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    Apple has been doing this since the beginning. They do not update old operating systems to run on new hardware. It makes a lot of sense since it requires a lot of regression testing and fit gap analysis. Why spend a lot of $$ on an operating system that was replaced by a newer version.

    As for finding a solution. Try running Snow Leopard on Vmware, that may get you what you need.
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    Some PowerPC games will work in Snow Leopard (with Rosetta installed) in virtualization. I use Snow Leopard Server in Parallels 8 in Lion/Mt. Lion.

    Apple is now selling Snow Leopard Server for $19.99 + sales tax & shipping costs at 1.800.MYAPPLE (1.800.692.7753) - Apple Part Number: MC588Z/A (telephone orders only).

    NOTE: Computer games with complex, 3D or fast motion graphics make not work well or at all in virtualization.

    [click on image to enlarge]

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    Are you suggesting there is another PowerPC emulator available for Mountain Lion, other than Rosetta?

    If so, why be so cryptic: come on out and tell us all about it!
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    There are a lot of them, im not sure which one works best. Google search "PowerPC Emulator" will bring up apps like Sheepshaver, PearPC, etc etc. The other way would probably be installing Parallel Desktop and Leopard or Snow Leopard onto it then use Rosetta to run it. As shown above by another forum member.

    This way you're actually virtualizing Snow Leopard and use snow leopard to virtualize PowerPC apps. It might not work very well.
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    SheepShaver - Not a PowerPC emulator for Mac

    PearPC - Not a PowerPC emulator for Mac

    etc etc.

    Virtualizing Snow Leopard to access Rosetta to run PowerPC apps works very well.

    How much experience do you have in this area, or are you just trying to be helpful in an area you know little or nothing about and hence you are giving all wrong information?
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    I used to use sheepshaver to run OS 9 apps (which is an emulator). I didn't use it for OSX based PPC app & virtualization will be bad for games if the Mac isn't powerful enough
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    OS 9 apps are "Classic" applications.

    Macs running Mountain Lion WILL BE powerful enough to run most, if not all, of the "old games" that the OP has...

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