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DUAL Cameras + Retina Display = I'm buyin one day one

Discussion in 'iPod touch' started by whocaresit, Aug 27, 2010.

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    I said it first.

    Any one else?
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    Yes, definitely
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    dude. iPod Touch=amazing
    iPod Touch+back camera for random shots=even more amazing
    iPod Touch+back camera for random shots+front camera for video chat=even more amazing than even more amazing
    iPod Touch+back camera for random shots+front camera for video chat+retina display= even more amazing than even more amazing than even more amazing.

    that would be my dream iPod.

    but my dream is coming true september 1st when i get my MBP with my new 32gb iTouch. =D
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    Just so you know, if you want to get new Ipod touch, you have to pay full price for ipod touch

    you don't get rebate
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    Yep. Rebate expires before september 1st.
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    I'll be getting one on release day. :D
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    Will you still buy one if
    1) Does not have a back camera ?
    2) Does not have a retina display ?
    3) Is more expensive ?

    People are setting themselves up for a major disappointment. Keep your expectations of the new Touch low then you be happy on announcement day.
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    Me too!!! Retina Display, Rear Camera, and a Bult-In Mic. Day one buy for me!!!
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    1. No
    2. No
    3. No
    Its sad but your right :/
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    As if!:D:D

    If apple did that it would cut the sales for Iphone!

    WHY would they do that?:apple:
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    Why would it cut sales.. a lot of people want the iPhone just for the calling feature and the GPS, Compass, etc.. Apple has already sold a lot of iPhone's so its not going to cut sales :apple:
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    1 - Maybe
    2 - No. This is the key make it or break it feature for me.
    3 - Maybe
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    A touch with dual cams would make my day.
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    Yes and yes and yes. This is a needed upgrade from first gen...
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    I use Evernote and just I want update my 2G ipod to upload photos and voice records then I need a good rear camera and mic, I dont care face-time... retina display will be great :D ... and 3G will be PERFECT !
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    Sounds like you're looking for an iPhone 4
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    Retina display and 3G, I'd buy it... camera's aren't make or break for me as they usually suck in combo devices anyway...
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    I completely agree! 4 more days! :D
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    YES. I own a broken 1G. I think it is worth it. I could care less if it has no camera. The A4 and the other features that it will have (since there MUST be some new features) are worth it.
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    But then, those new features could be nothing more than a front facing webcam and a rear facing Nano-type video cam. The mic would still be last year's headphone style.

    Steve's way of saying "if you want iPhone features, then buy an iPhone and pay for the data plan".
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    You will not see a rear facing video camera since it would require a mike. The earplug mic would be fine for a front facing camera.
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    Steve's latest "invention" - silent movies. :D

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