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dual core intel i macs?

Discussion in 'Macintosh Computers' started by zoran, Nov 13, 2005.

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    According to rumors that the first intel macs will be imacs and minimac around january, i want to ask if that intel processor (for an imac) would be a dual core one!
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    Rumors also say there will be Powerbooks released early as well.

    No one really knows what is coming nor what will be in them at this stage bar the Apple people.
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    They should be dual core. The intel roadmap points to Yonahs in PBs and Minis, not sure about iMacs though. Either way, I can't see them using single core for standard Desktops and Dual core for notebooks and the cheaper desktop.

    Looking at the most likely processors for the rev. a iMacs though, they seem to suggest dual core anyway. It certainly is the way forward and Apple have already indicated they will be following this route from day one of MacIntels.
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    imac isnt considered desktop, for desktop it is sure that dual cores will be used, but imacs?????
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    Um... exactly how is the iMac not a desktop? Its internal arrangement is more like a laptop than, say, a normal WIntel machine, but that's true of all of Apple's desktops except the PowerMac.
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    Exactly its more like a laptop than desktop.
    Anyway lets not make it an issue here, lets get back on topic!
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    If they put a dual core processor in the iMac what are they going to put in the Power Mac? Personally I think it'll be the same as it is now single core in the iMac, single dual core in the low and mid range Power Mac, and dual dual core in the top of the range Power Mac.
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    Well i have a cool scenario for what they can out on the imac.
    they could stop the 2ghz dualcore from the powermac, put it in the imac and power macs would start from 2.5 ghz and then theres the Quad... well the Quad would begin from 3ghz!!!!
    Wouldnt that be great?
    And then also SJobs can make me senior creative director for Apples campaign...yeah yeah i know sweet dreams baby!!!
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    The Yonahs will seriously bring the Power back into the Powerbook..

    I will be holding out towards the Merom chips though, those seems to be so much better. Anyway the other reason is cos I just bought a PB G4 :(
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    The Woodcrest tops out at 2.5 GHz per core.
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    what the heck is a woodcrest? do u mean that those cpus are made of wood and Crest fluoride for teeth???? :D
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    If you don't know what the Woodcrest is it is probably best that you don't guess what is going on with the Intel Macs. Try typing Intel Woodcrest in to Google.
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    Dualcore Yonah in portable and imac
    not fully 64bit / duals use fsb to communicate

    Dualcore Merom in Powermac
    fully 64 bit / duals connected at proc speed

    there is quite a difference between the two...

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    The New Intel naming game

    It could be listed as a 930, 940 and 950...

    intel is shying away from speeds and trying a shell game of number codes...

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    Description: Server version of Conroe. Will have FBD (Fully Buffered DIMM) which is said to allow for "stupidly large amounts of RAM". Said to be planned for future Macs.
    Quick Specs:
    L2 cache 2-4 MB?
    Power < 70 W
    Type Server, 2 cores
    Core Woodcrest
    (source: http://www.endian.net/details.asp?ItemNo=4098 )
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    iMac? Yonah? Very unlikely. I doubt Apple will move anything from 64 bit to 32 bit.
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    1. So will the Intel dual cores be faster than IBMs dual cores that are on PMacs now?

    2. Are Intels dual cores fully 64bit like IBMs?
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    64bit is not important in an imac. 64bit is actually really not that important at all unless you want more than 4GB of ram. Although on x86, 64bit has a nicer tweaked instruction set, but yonah will still be the best x86 CPU out around early 2006.
    I find it unlikely though that apple would put a dual core CPU into a consumer product like the imac. There will be a single core yonah. There is no reason to place laptops at a lower level than desktops, the powerbook is a pro product and ideally therefore should perform better than most desktops. If not for the slow G4 it has to use now it would be faster than the imac also. This is the point of the switch to x86 I think, to make the powerbook into a pro offering that beats any consumer product desktop or laptop. Powerbook should definately have dual core, as will the powermac.

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