Dual Core PowerPC 970s

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    ThinkSecret reports that a dual-core processor code-named "Antares" is in the works at IBM.

    The new processor, officially dubbed the PowerPC 970MP, will provide two interconnected micrpprocessors each with its own 1MB L2 Cache. In comparison, the current 970FX has only 512KB of L2 cache.

    Apple is said to have already committed to their use in future Mac products. Timeframe of new products is "sometime in 2005".
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    sounds good, real good :eek:
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    Oh no!

    I'll have to wait again... NOT!
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    Wow...imagine having a G5 with dual-duals :)

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    It says both cores will share a 1ghz bus...right now each CPU in a dual 2.5 gets 1.25ghz of it's own bandwith, but with that each 3ghz core would have to share only 1ghz, isn't that a step backwards? Or are we getting dual dual-cores? :confused: :(
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    How may we start "PB G5 next tuesday" again? :p

    Go Apple, Go IBM ... Let's kick some A$$%&@S!
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    Awesome! G6 Powermacs, G5 iMacs and Powerbooks. :p
    Hey, now THAT would be a lineup.
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    May I say.... Wow! I'll take 2. I've been a PC user for 17 years. I'm ready to switch. Maybe first with a PB, but I'd have to say a Dual Core - Dual G5 would be very interesting. PC what?

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    Very cool, a two processor G6 with, well, two cores per processor... kinda like having a four processor two processor mean machine. now if only OS X would take advantage of all that 64 bit goodness I'd be giddy as a school girl.
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    I'm imagining dual dual core processor powermacs...I'm also imagining shocked PC fans when a G6 smashes their Alienwares into the ground :)
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    Would this processor be considered a G5 or a G6??
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    On or before July 30th

    I just ordered a new Mac with one of those new fangled chips, my order says on or before July 30th ... :cool:
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    Apple should break with the G-series processors and try something new.
    Imagine a PowerMac 970. :p
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    Maxx Power

    Woo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo Boo (Zoidberg)

    I'm steaming in my own shell I am, it's that hot it is. - Zoidberg

    So we can have a all in one iMac with a built in toaster ? Or how about a G5 that also provides winter heating ? Then comes the summer....

    My next computer, PC and Mac are going to be very efficient on power and MUST have power state transitions so when it is not being used, it doesn't eat up power, and this has to be flexible too, not just TWO states, manually configured is nice like my old P3 laptop, that was sweet. I'm sick of the general population wasting away power like its duty to.

    Make an ultra low voltage dual core G5 with p-state transitions and a Mac with a bios that allows shifting of core/bus/voltage with a key combination (with or without a OS), and I'm in for a good deal.
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    Maxx Power

    Try playing any latest game and tell PC gamers that... nuff said
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    IBM & Apple

    When the PM G5 was announced I couldn't help but feel that the Apple-IBM relationship would be one that could really take on the WinTel. It's taken a while to overcome of the challenges in the 90nm fabrication process and engineering (G5 PB) but things are starting to move forward and look very exciting. Apple has definitely become the computer company to watch.
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    Yeah, Sure. :rolleyes:
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    I would guess they would only call a Power 5 derived PPC a G6. If these news are correct (or, 'this news is correct'? might a native speaker please tell me what is the correct version), than this rumored Power 5 derived PPC might not see the light before the end of 2005 or even 2006.
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    news is singular, so it is "this" news. thanks for asking!! There are a slew of native speakers that don't put any thought into grammar on these forums. then again, I don't use capital letters correctly either! :p
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    Excellent, this is what they should be doing. The 1MB caches would be wonderful, 512k is yesterday's high-end, not today's.
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    a) This is good news - singular
    b) These are good news - plural

    I think a) is more correct and quite exciting. ;)
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    "If this news is correct" would be the proper way to say this in English.
    Edit: Sorry, didn't realize CarltonMusic and Fender beat me to it.
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    1 MB L2 cache per processor sounds good to me.

    Does anybody know if it will have 2 MB L3 cache per probessor?
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    Apple may not have dual duals if this is indeed true. They may simply replace the dual's with one of the dual core processors. The advatage for apple is that they can keep the powermac performance significantly above the iMac line still, without the added cost a second separate processor incurs (all the connections for it plus the cost of the actual processor, presumably a single dual core would be cheaper than two single cores). I rather suspect that is what apple will do. They may call it a G6 or whatever just to further differentiate.
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    News is always singular, so it would be "if this news is correct then..."

    The reasoning being that news is always a thing that can contain multiple elements, hence the news (current events, sports, weather) on TV, or a newspaper a paper full of news.

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