Dual displays Powermac G4???

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by applegeek13, Nov 20, 2010.

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    I have a Power Mac G4 Dual 1.25. It has the ATI Radeon 9000 Pro video card, and I want to connect 2 displays to it. I have an Apple Cinema HD as my main display, and an HP display as the one I want to add. The HP has a VGA cable, so I bought a DVI -> VGA adapter for it, and the Mac recognizes the HP. However, the HP monitor is telling me that it isn't receiving a signal. What's happened here? Do I need a second video card? If so, recommendations?
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    Check the cable,unplug it from the monitor and then the graphics card and plug it back in. Also your VGA to DVI connector might be bad. Also the display may be too high resolution. That's what happens to my HDTV. Hope that helps.
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    weird - I wouldve thought that would work, if the Mac recognises it then your card probably supports Dual Displays - it might be that its trying to mirror the screens and your HP cant output the resolution so its throwing a fit - maybe see if theres a mirroring checkbox you can uncheck, or temporarily lower the resolution of your cinema to something it can handle?
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    I tried checking and unchecking the mirror display box. No cigar. How do I tell if I have a bad adapter?
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    Is there a conf for the display that you can directly access?
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    you should be able to adjust the resolution of the two screens independently. I would start the HP monitor off on a low resolution 800/600 at 60hz. step it up one step at a time. Also unless you know your monitor can handle more I would keep them at 60hz. hope this helps. you may try switching the connections and see if it will display something on the connection that the other monitor is working on. Who knows that card could have a bad port. Also when you start the computer up does it show the apple screen on both monitors?

    You know now that I think of it. I believe there is a box you have to click that says extend my desktop to this display or something along that lines. try looking for that. Its been awhile since I dual monitored on a mac (damn windows 7 is making me stupid).
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    I think it might be that fact that it wants an analog signal through the VGA port, but it's getting digital because I'm using an adapter. I'm going to try a DVI cable and see if it works.
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    I dont think that would matter. but if the hp has a DVI port use a DVI cable and not a vga and adapter
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    Problem solved, as in my dad claimed the HP monitor for his own use. Thanks for the help anyways! Next monitor I try will definitely have a DVI cable.

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