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Dual G5 -> Logic Board Error

Discussion in 'PowerPC Macs' started by andym172, Nov 7, 2006.

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    :( :mad: :( :mad:

    Having recently purchased a new Mac Pro, I've sold my Dual 2.5 G5 on eBay.

    I've just re-installed Tiger for the new owner, and had packed everything away ready for shipping, before remembering that I needed to install iLife '06.

    This requires that 10.4 be upgraded to 10.4.3 or above, and so I ran Software Update and installed the latest combined update - now 10.4.8.

    All was good until the double re-boot. First one went ok, the second just hung and hung and hung (30 mins+). In the end I pulled the power.

    I've just run an extended Hardware Test and it's thrown up an error :eek: :eek: :eek:

    After 10 seconds testing an error code was thrown up:

    2 STH/1/2: CPU A AD7417 AD1

    It appears it may be a problem with the Logic Board - this is where the test stopped.

    This doesn't sound good. Does anybody know if this is easily rectified?
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    Many thanks for that :)

    I found the following from one of the threads you linked to interesting:

    "AHT is a static program written on a read only medium. However Apple makes OS and firmware changes which render versions of AHT obsolete which if you run a older version sometimes you'll get errors.

    Not to say this is your particular problem, but it might be, so make sure first before spending the time and effort sending/delivering your machine somewhere just to find out nothing is wrong."

    I downloaded the only Firmware update available on Apple's site, tried to run it, but it says the update is not applicable :confused:
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    Any progress?
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    Yes :)

    I took the computer to my local Apple Store (100 mile round journey :eek:) who carried out tests for 24 hours solid.

    Nothing, nadda, not one single error came up.

    I then travelled back to the store earlier today, with my copy of AHT and asked if I could run it in-store.

    Result: exact same error :eek: :(

    It turned out that the error was with my CD copy of the Apple Hardware Test :eek:

    So, all of that worry over a bloody faulty CD! :D

    On the whole I'm happy with that result, as at least I'm not spending £££ on a repair BUT I'm also not overly happy with the service of the Apple Store.

    I paid over £70 (near on $150 US) for the test to be carried out on the pretence that I was to receive some kind of a report at the end outlining what had been done, and what the computer had passed etc. Only when I turned up to collect the computer was I told that Apple do not offer any kind of a report AND the 'genius' was unwilling to speak to the new owner of the computer on the phone just to clarify the situation - as, right now, I have nothing to prove the computer has come back without fault. What they did kindly provide me with was a CD-r copy of the latest AHT.

    Supposedly the £70+ is solely a labour charge, which IMO is a rip off.

    Very, very poor IMO.

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