dual layer dvd burner w/ 1.42 g4

Discussion in 'General Mac Discussion' started by Riot_Mac, Dec 27, 2004.

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    Im thinking about replacing my 4x super drive with a new dual layer dvd burner. I have a few questions.
    1. will my g4 1.42DP be able to handle the dual layer burner?
    2. I am assuming you can still burn the regular -R 4.7 DVDs? am i right
    3. Are the dual layer DVD-Rs expensive still?
    4. What model do you recommend if I can go ahead and put one of these bad boys in my sweet G4.

    also can you only burn dual layer +R's?

    Thank you very much.
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    Right now, the only Dual Layer media available is +R media and it's still gawful expensive.

    Unless you want the ability to handle +R media in addition to the -R media, leave your superdrive alone unil the Dual Layer media becomes affordable. And maybe by then -R dual layer burners will be available.

    Burning a DVD in 15 minutes isn't bad. and that's the shortest part of the process anyway.
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    Also to burn the Dual Layer +Rs you will need toast. At my local PC shop they had Dual Layer Disks for $12 Cdn ($10 US).
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    thanks for the info.

    I may pick one up now and just wait for the price of dual media to come down... i could still burn my dvd-r 4.7s right?
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    Ahh but why spend the money now, when you might be able to buy a better one later for the same price or less. (Like one that does dual layer DVD-Rs or maybe an HD burner) Or by the time the dual layer media comes down in price, you might have repalced the Powermac.

    Anyway as long as it can do DVD+R and DVD-R, the Dual Layer drives will burn onto standard DVD-R media.
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    very true... i think i might hold off for awhile. thanks
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    Lord Blackadder

    I remember I kicked myself when I bought my Pioneer DVR-107, 'cause the dual layer DVR-108s weren't much more as it turned out...then I looked at the cost of the dual layer media - yow! Ten bucks a disk! I don't have a justification for that price, so I'm happy with my 4.7 GB disks for now, especially since you can get them nice and cheap.

    Definitely wait for prices to come down unless you REALLY REALLY need to burn something thats over 4.7 GB. The dual layers aren't good for much except bragging rights at the moment, unless you've got deep pockets.
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    not sure if you guys know about this site for dvdrs and cdrs but it is insanely cheap. I order all my dvd-rs from there and have never had a problem burning one or it being read by my dvd player or mac. here it is:


    thanks for all your input

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