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Dual monitor Q's

Discussion in 'Mac Help/Tips' started by LethalWolfe, Feb 22, 2002.

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    Okay, I'm going to get my first Mac so I can run FCP (yeah!), and I have some Q's. I want to use my current CRT monitors (which are on my PC) on my Mac.

    1. If I get the ATi 7500 will I need any special adapters to hook both my monitors upto the card?

    2. Why isn't there a 7500 on Ati's website? They have a 7000, and an 8500, but no 7500?

    3. Anyone know of a KVM that supports dual monitors?

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    Re: Dual monitor Q's


    I believe it should come with the proper adapters so you can connect two VGA monitors...

    at least my ATI Radeon 7000 came with the proper adapter... might want to ask Apple when u order.

    I think the 7500 is only offered through Apple...

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    Correct on all counts arn.... the ATI cards come with everything you need to use two monitors on the one card.

    Personally, I would opt to wait for the 8500 to be in channels and get that. Go with the lowest video card you can from Apple, sell that one, and put the 8500 in it's place.

    You will not need any additional adapters besides the one provided for the DVI port on the card. All PowerMac towers and laptops, come with the standard vga port (used by almost all monitors, unless they are 100% digital).

    Congrats on the Mac purchase, and welcome to the good side. I don't know if it is the dark side or the light side, but it is the more fun side.
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    Sweet, thanx guys. I think the 7500 should be more than sufficient for my needs (FCP, Photoshop, AE). I'll keep my pc for my general use and gaming machine. The G4 is gonna be a dedicated editing station. Mmmm... Final Cut Pro.....

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    Any ideas of KVMs that support dual monitors?

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    Why would you want a KVM for dual monitors??

    Some monitors allow you to connect two systems to them and switch between them. My VG175 does that, has two video in ports, and even states that it is for dual cpu support.

    If you really want something like that, check out Belkin as well as other IOgear and other KVM makers.

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